Sunday, February 1, 2009


As you all know, today is Superbowl Sunday! And guess what? I don't know who played in it today (or if they're even done playing yet). I seriously couldn't care less about football, I may even have a mental block against it. My dad has told me who is playing about five times, but it's just in one ear and out the other. Even if I did know who was playing, I still wouldn't have watched it because I don't understand football. Once when I was nine or so, I sat down next to my dad/uncle/other random manly men and said "Teach me football!" And they laughed at me.

So no football for me today. It was a freak 50 degrees out, so I decided to take advantage of that and walk to the grocery store. It was really sunny and breezy out, and I though lots of things over on the walk there and back. I like having unplanned exercise. I really hate the idea of going to the gym on a schedule, or burning ___ number of calories doing yoga everyday. From now on, I'm going to try to just exercise for my enjoyment, and not to burn calories or get toned or whatever. Anyway, at the grocery store I got mainly produce, but also tofu, dark chocolate chips, frozen raspberries and oat bran. I'll probably go again tomorrow when my dad isn't watching the Superbowl.

Now let's rewind at start with breakfast. I made (whole wheat) Yogurt Biscuits from the Vegetarian Family Cookbook. I like this cookbook a lot, but don't use it much because of picky, unadventurous members of my family. I wish I could post the recipe because it's really easy and can be vegan, but it's copyrighted. I actually ended up with mini biscuits because I didn't have the right size biscuit cutter.
They were yummy and fluffy! I had one with cran apple butter and one with cream cheese.
Then, it turned out that I still had a banana muffin left over. So I crumbled half of it into my oats with pumpkin an dark choco chips.

Snack was boring, then lunch rolled around and I wanted a sammich. I made asian peanut butter (PB & soy sauce), and put it on whole wheat potato bread with lentil dip, cucumbers, onion, swiss chard, and carrots. Totally random toppings, but still good.

Dinner was simple so it wouldn't interfere with Superbowl-watching much. Just spaghetti+sauce and salad. I used Nature's Promise organic sauce and smart taste pasta. Mmmmm love pasta sauce! I didn't actually think much about the sodium this time.
The salad was kind of weird, we were trying to get some cans out of the fridge. I put chickpeas, cucumbers, black olives, and tomatoes over romaine lettuce. To go over it, I made a yogurt-ranch dressing. It was just 1/2 c yogurt, 1/4 c olive oil mayo, 1/2 tbs lemon juice, 1 tbs white wine vinegar, 1/4 c water, dill and Italian seasoning all whisked together. Gah, I took a picture of it, where did it go? Evil camera.

My tummy is quite happy now, but I'll inevitably do some more snacking tonight! I'm trying not to think about school tomorrow. I haven't had a full week of school in weeks so I have a feeling this one is going to drag on forever. Hope you all had a wonderful day of football watching (or not) and have great Mondays!


Jess :) said...

Haha, yes, I am watching the Superbowl, kinda! I don't care about it to an extreme, but I enjoy it to some degree. Yummy eats today! Have a fun night!
<3 jess :)

Sharon said...

I don't want the superbowl myself either. Don't know much about football. LOL. But tasty eats as always, love them all, especially that sandwich! yum!

Anonymous said...

Hah, football...I just don't get it. Have fun watching though. Good looking eats today. I like the asian pb sammie idea. I think I'll try to use that one in the future. I agree it was quite nice today. I walked around a bit too. Yay for freak warm weather!!! Anyhow, have a good night.

Anonymous said...

i have no clue what superbowl is about either.. hahah =] football seems too violent for me.

wow is pb good with soy sauce? i've never thought about that combo~

Anonymous said...

I adore that cookbook!!! I will have to look up that recipe, you've sold me with the description! YUMMY!!!

Super? Bowl? Is that some kind of ginormous cereal bowl? ;)

Maya said...

i dont watch the super bowl:)not my cup of tea.
any ways...your eats are wonderful just like you and those biscuits look incredible!

Laci said...

Hi kiki!
I just found your blog through Shelby's and you seem so cute/sweet. Hang in there girl, and as a Nava-Atlas cookbook fan I'll have to try that recipe! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun biscuits and PB concoction! I am sooooo not a Superbowl girl either!

Brooke said...

im another non-superbowl watcher! :)

i love your morning oats! fabulous.
and im so glad you enjoyed your pasta again! remember - all natural sea salt. you are awesome:)

best of luck @ school this week!

Jemima said...

So glad you liked your pasta - remember we need some salts in our body and it does contain essential minerals :)
Yummy eats as alway - would love the recipe if you can get it to me without being sued? Lol! <3 you loads chica, xxxx

cosmicwild said...

hello :) just foudnd your blog and thought id come by and leave a comment :D
im also recovering from ana. and its kinda nice to kno im not alone (even tho i kno im not and stuff haha sorry im blabering)

oo btw that pb and soy sauce combo sounds well lush!!

love from
peony xxxx

Burp and Slurp~! said...

lol asian PB? how creative! maybe next time you can add some candied ginger in there to make it more "asianfied"!!
as for football, I am a total football-ignoramous as well. can't be bothered watching big hunks of muscles humping each other over an orange ball.

aussirish said...

heya hun.
im not into the superbowl either..mostly cause its not big over here in ireland.
yummy muffins, breakkie looks so yummy :)
aw hope schools as fun as it can be!!
love you

lesley said...

Yummy eats!:)no wonder your tummy was satisfied!

Hope your Monday has been good!!!