Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey there, lovely bloggers. I hope you all had/are having a lovely V-Day and you used it as an excuse to consume mass amounts of chocolate. Even if you aren't spending it with someone, know that I love each and every person who reads my blog! Unless you're a stalker and know where I live. In which case I'm very very scared of you.

Also, thanks to everyone who left a supportive comment on my last post! I was still in a really crummy mood after I woke up this morning. But after I read my comments, I realized that there is no reason for me to want ED back in my life. And I did something constructive with that in the form of a list. Why ED sucks rocks and I never want him back:

  1. COLD. Enough said.
  2. Dannon carb & sugar control yogurt. 60 calories and 3 carbs of pure crap.
  3. Constant calorie counting. I couldn't have a stick of gum if it didn't fit into my cal budget.
  4. Hiding food in napkins/under table/other creative places that I won't say.
  5. Skipping out on parties involving food because I felt "sick" and needed a nap.
  6. Lying. All the time, to everyone.
  7. Making myself burn at least 300 calories a day through ballet, DDR, walking and yoga.
  8. Wanting to pass out from exhaustion after taking a shower.
  9. Cutting bread, pasta, rice and all of my other favorite carbs.
  10. Being asked "Are you okay?" at least once a day.
  11. Making the audience at my ballet recital cringe at how skeletal I looked.
  12. Not having enough energy to play my cello or dance with emotion.
  13. Not being able to laugh, or even smile.
The list goes on and on, but these are the ones that came most easily. So HAHA ED, there are way more negatives to having you back than there are positives.

Breakfast! I had an apple, then cottage cheese with cran apple butter and honey sunshine cereal.
Then an extra special bowl of love! Aka oatmeal topped with vanilla yogurt, dark choco chips, and raspberries.

Lunch time rolled around and I wanted a sammich, as usual. My dad made this really good eggplant dip yesterday, so I slapped than on bread with pesto and spinach and grilled it. Yummay. The dip tastes like eggplant parm but the magic is that it has no cheese! I can ask my dad for the recipe, if anyone wants it. I also had plain yogurt, carrots, and a Kashi bar.

Then I went to see Coraline with my Valentines (mommy and sister). I love Tim Burton so I was so excited for this! I liked it a lot, but it's very creepy for a kids movie. We saw it in 3-D so it was even cooler. When we got home I had a bowl of Kashi hot cereal that I'm trying to use up with pumpkin. With a string cheese.

Oh yeah plus I went to Whole Foods and got some yummies. For dinner the rest of mi familia was having sausage lasagna. So I made a Nature's Path micro white cheddar mac and cheese. I mixed in lots of steam spinach and carrots. On the side, I made baked potato... cubes. Meaning a chopped up a small red potato, tossed it with EVOO, thyme, oregano, and garlic powder and baked it for a while. I loved this meal!
For dessert (!!!!!!) me and my mom made Naturally Nora alot'a dots cake, which is the equivalent of a healthier, organic funfetti cake. I don't like eating dessert (or ED doesn't) but I felt better knowing that this mix featured no bleached flour! We made them into cupcakes and topped them with pink buttercream frosting. It was a challenge to eat this a bit. I've pretty much convinced myself that it's okay for me to eat dessert on special occasions, but I still feel a tinge of guilt right now. It blows my mind that normal eaters eat different amounts of food every day!

Nighty night, loves!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous list, girl! Keep up the good fight :)

COTTAGE CHEESE!! My favorite food ;) The cupcake looks great!

Anonymous said...

So that sandwich pretty much kicks every sandwich I have ever seen butt!

love the list - your right; that dannon yogurt is CRAP.
stay strong girlie :)

Anonymous said...

LOVING the food girl ;]

you CAN do it! I have faith in you =DDDD

stay strong! I'm always here for you if you need anyone to talk to =]

Anonymous said...

I can relate to almost every single thing on the list, I hate to say it too. I'm glad though that we are both trying to fight it and realized that those things SUCK and are not worth the "perfect" (haha yeah right) body we want.

Bowl of Love, so cute!

Sharon said...

Great list Kiki, you are such a strong girl. I'm so proud of what you have come through thus far. Keep your chin up, and stay strong.

And love your eats. Love your cute heart too!

Jess :) said...

Great (and cute) eats today! happy valentines day! I love the list as well. So true :) Your dessert is not only delish-looking, but it's also adorable!! Have a wonderful night!
<3 jess :)

P.S It turns out-you were right. All I needed to do was center my photos. Boy do I feel like an idiot, haha.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Looks like a perfect day of eats! :D

Laci said...

OMG I can SOOOO relate to that horrible list, mine would probably be even longer... thanx for the motivation, whio wants to suffer through that again!? Whoa, amazing eats today girl! the yogurt, oats (So cutely V-day themed!), sandwich, snack, dinner (real comfort food!) and amazing dessert looks simply scrumptious! Don't feel guilty hon,ED wants you to because he's so weak and you're getting so strong, remember, you don't want to not smile again! ;)

Breaking Free said...

Amazing list girl!! Being cold is definitely one of my TOP reasons not to let ED back into my life. Whenever you are feeling a bit blue, always look back on this list, and keep adding to it because I'm sure that it never stops growing.

Your oats have a heart-shaped jelly pattern in them, so cool. And great job for conquering the dessert. I've pretty much desentized myself to that stuff and don't really freak out about it because I know I don't have to eat it. But that's the problem because then I'm just learning to live with the ED instead of constantly challenging it. Need to work on that....
Hope you have a lovely night!

tinyirishdancer said...

I love your list idea - thank you! A lot of it I can relate to, and it really reminded me to keep plowing through with my foodage.

*munch munch*

Hee. Your morning bowl of oatmeal is so cuhyooot. As are you, of course!

And 'grats on the cupcake! Haven't had me one of those in awhile. You inspire me. =]

Glad you had a fab V-day! Take care, girlie. =D

Anonymous said...

i can't WAIT until coraline comes out in the uk. i am SO SO SO excited about it!!! i've seen some posters for it and it looks so good! i read the book and thought it was creepy though, especially for a children's story :| the button eyes?!!? freaky.. your heart is so much cuter than mine ahha. hope you had a beautiful valentine's day girlll :) love you! xxxxx

aussirish said...

happy v-day hun :) i think that list is great...sometimes when its hard to stay motivated about moving away from the ed its a great idea to remind ourselves how unhappy the ed actually makes us!!
great eats, that brekkie is so cute, v-day themed :)
love you lots

Maya said...

that cup cake looks amazing! that list of things your ed made you experience are so true for me too...not exacly the same list but i can relate to so many makes you hate Ed to think of all the things it does to you!

dollymixtures said...

That's a really good, inspiring list! Keep up the positive attitude, you're doing so well, and your eats are amazing as always <3

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Wonderful list, kiki! It's so similar to my list of incentives!! I definitely recommend writing those things down and carrying them with you so you can be reminded of WHY YOUR DOING THIS .. and keep fighting :)!

enjoy your day, my darling <3 xo

Burp and Slurp~! said...

I totally relate to EVERY point of your list on reasons to hate ED...except the second one! I actually find that yogurt kind of good...hee hee! but ditto on that lying...ED really turned me into a chronic liar with anything concerning food and exercise and weight...and that's what bothers me the most! anyway, thanks for posting that list, it really gave me extra motivation and will to fight this horrid disorder.
great eats today! I'd love that eggplant dip recipe!

Gaby said...

hey! I'm glad you're feeling better today! Who wouldn't feel happy after that beautiful bowl of oats?!
And it's ok to still have those dumb thoughts creep back in while still recovering, it takes a while, and I still get that side of me that wants to butt in sometimes, but the good thing is that now we're strong enough to hear it and realize how crazy it is. You are sooo beautiful! and I'm sure will just continue to become more and more stunning as you grow and become healthier. I'm so jealous of your height, you're going to pass me up! I'm a little over 5'8 now but I'm 22 so I'm done growing :\ It's ok, I'll just wear more heels!
I love the voskos brand! I get it every time I travel up north, we don't have it here. I'm thinking maybe I should email my whole foods. I'd love the eggplant dip recipe too!
Hope you're having a great 3 day weekend!

Mel said...

HELL YES to that list girl!! there are so many amazing things you're capable of that ED takes away from you-- don't let it! neva eva!

And um, your meals are fabulous, as always. major jealousy going on here. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! keep looking at that list! Also - maybe do another one for all the positives of not living with an ED to keep you even more focused. Keep up the good work! x

Lyssy said...

Wow! I saw Coraline yesterday in 3D at the mall too with my brother and my dad yesterday. Small world! The mom creeped me out.
I can relate to some of the stuff on your list. Being really cold stinks. Maybe I should make a list to help me have the willpower to keep eating!
And that cupcake looked very yummy! You inspire me to try some of my fear foods. ;)
Happy late V-day!