Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lovely Lentils

Hola, chicas! Today was a good day. Started with a lovely breakfast, involving an apple, and this apple pie parfait.

I layered 3/4 cup of plain yogurt, 1/2 c apple sauce, 1 whole grain graham cracker and cinnamon in bowl. Nummikins. As my.. third course of breakfast, I had some simple PB&J oats. I was going to just use blueberries instead of jam, but I barely had any left. So I microwaved what we did have to make 'em mushy, and added a bit of cran apple butter on top.

I then went off to a nice, two hour ballet class. My calves and toes are in serious pain right now! But a good pain, like I've worked them well. The body checking stuff (or lack there of) went pretty well! At the bar, I was kind of concentrated more on holding my leg out at a 120* angle than I was on how "fat" I looked. When we went out into the center, I started to scrutinize myself in the mirror. ED didn't cut in and start calling me fat though. Instead, I had an EPIPHANY (love that word)! I am not fat! I am dissatisfied with how the weight I gained distributed. None of the weight I gained went to the upper half of my body, so I have twig arms and gross ribs, but a lot of it went to my legs. But I used the rational side of me to think that I am normal sized, and some parts of me look bigger because the rest of me is ridiculously small. Ooooh I wish I had my old body back. Back when I didn't feel like I had to limit my food or exercise to feel good about myself.

Anyhow, for lunch my sister wanted to go to the mall food court. I hate fast food, you can make something much healthier, tastier, and cheaper at home. I had to go anyway. Subway is one of the few fast food restaurants that I'll eat from, so I went there. I ordered a 6" veggie delite. It annoys me how it's delite, not delight. I got provolone, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, pickles, black olives, and olive oil on mine. T'was very salty tasting. Hate fast food grumble grumble.
Then when I got home I had an apple and almonds.

For most of the day today, I've just been chillin' out (maxin' relaxin' all cool while shootin' some b-ball outside of the school). I started to do a little craft-y jewelry project that I'll post if I ever finish it. For dinner, I made brown rice and lentil casserole. I heart lentils! I've made this a couple times before and it rocks socks. This time, I accidentaly spilled some broth out of the casserole dish so I had to approximate how much spilled out and replace it with water. I think I put too much water in though, because it didn't stay together like it usually does. Delicious anyway though.
With garlic toast! And an unpictured clementine.

Oh yes, I made more pudding! Using CCV's basic pudding recipe. After the base cooled this time, I stuck it in the blender with 1 tbs cocoa powder, half a banana, and 1 tbs sugar. Chocolate and banana is one of my favorite combos. Here it is, in my beautiful tupperware container.
And Shelby, you asked whether I used agar flakes or powder. I use flakes. I got it to be really creamy by putting my blender on the puree setting for a long time, rather than on the blend setting for a shorter time.

Today I was thinking of how my ED/recovery have expanded my food choices. Pre-ED, I was a pretty picky vegetarian, and wouldn't eat anything that sounded to much like hippy health food. This means quinoa, couscous, seitan, dark chocolate, and lots of fruits and veggies were off the list of things I'd eat. I ate a pretty processed diet, lots of faux-meat stuff. But one of the positive things that I've gotten out of recovery and my preoccupation with food is a lot more healthy variety in my diet. Now I'd say that I'm an adventurous eater, and like to cook up new foods. Has having an ED changed you girls' diets for the better, too?

Hope you all had wonderful Saturdays and enjoy your Sundays!


Anonymous said...

i love how you're so creative with all your eats!!! esp breakfast~

i really want to see that jewelry you made~ ;]

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Kiki, you are sooooooo sweet!!! And I'm going to hafta try your combo-idea :o)

Anonymous said...

Breakfast looks so mouth watering! YUMMY!

Thanks for the tip, I will be sure to try that next time!

Jess :) said...

Yay about being positive during ballet. GREAT eats today! I <3 subway ,haha! I have a great night girlie :)

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

aw i love that you're able to see the silver lining to your ED.. I agree - before ED I was really big on processed foods.. but now I have learned to eat a wholesome, healthy diet :). You are a mature little woman for being able to see the bright side to your situation my darling Kiki <3 xo

Erin said...

welll now i hate it when people say
"nite" instead of "night"
soo you and i my friend, are on the same page!

your breakfast..
its safe to say i would NOT mind eating that for every meal.

and i praise you for going to the food court with your sis.. i still would probably throw a fit.. i just hate having meals that i KNOW i wont love when i DO know that theres something out there better to have..
ya feeeel me?

LOVE YA anyways!
have a good one chick

Brooke said...

aplpe pie parfait!? *gasp* and your pb&j oats! i always love your breakfasts girly!

im so proud of your positive attitude today in ballet! that is exactly what you should be feeling! our bodies will take a while to adjust in the refeeding process but the more your progress the quicker it will happen. im so happy for you :)

i agree that my ed has definitely helped me try new things. i also find that everything seems to take great! my taste buds have been missing out on so many wonderful flavors for the last 5 years!

sweet dreams! xo

Sharon said...

Such tasty eats Kiki. Love your lentils!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha fresh prince!!!! I just woke up and that's slapped a smile on my face straight away. Ahaha.
I definately eat a lot healthier now too, and more variety. I used to eat a lot of pizza and beer. I also never used to love peanut butter that much!!! I could have a jar in the house and not eat any for months. This is now a foreign concept to me :| weird! xxxx

aussirish said...

hi sweetie,
great eats :) that applie pie thing looks amazing!
glad you enjoyed ballet and didnt scrutinize yourself too much. and as for the weight distribution, i heard it will eventually re-distruibute so hang in there girlie, your gorgeous just as you are :)
and pre ed i woudnt eat anything healthy either so i know one thing im glad i got from my ed was eating healthy nutirous foods.
love you lots

Maya said...

great eats!
i think my Ed has made me more cautious of healthy foods,i now only eat organic natural foods and very vegetarian. but my taste buds have defiently matured in the past year and in recovery trying new thing...its funny how you forget how a certain food tastes because you havent had it in you ed for so iam experiencing new thing while in recovery!!its so exciting!

dollymixtures said...

you make like the most inspiring food ever! it alwasy looks AMAZING. I wish I could be as creative as you :)

Burp~! said...

ED has definitely changed my eating habits for the better...I no longer eat refined products and try to stick to whole foods as much as I can...can you belive I used to eat "light" white bread because whole grain is more calorific? sooo stupid.
but YAY for that epiphany! you finally realized you are beautiful the way you are, and trust me, you WANT some meat on your legs because that's what gives you some womanly sexy curves and makes you attractive (uh, to the other sex) and do you know strong, healthy legs is the most obvious sign of fitness? if you look at those girls with stick legs, they're hardly ever healthy. they look sickly!
oh, and btw, I changed my url:

lesley said...

I don't like going out to eat much myself at all. It seems more like a chore because I have to try to pick something healthy that I won't like near as much as something I know is healthy that's at home that I will love. ha. Oh well!

Also, brown rice and lentil casserole sounds really good!

Anonymous said...

i can't get over how healthy and mature you are for someone who is 14! i admire you <3

Anonymous said...

That breakfast looks delish - two great bowls :)

Glad ballet went well! I'm not a big fast food fan either - I do love me some Panera though ;)

Erin said...

makes me feeeeel better knowing im not the only one to eat huggee breakfasts!
a girl's gotta eat

and thankks for loving me so much to want me to stay on here!

hope it alll works out!

<3 love

Anonymous said...

sadly i can't find weetabix!!! i'm so sad.. i was looking for it but couldn't find it so i just bought shredded wheat. ;]

Anonymous said...

Good on you for keeping focused on the work in hand. You are right - there is no time for irrational ED thoughts when holding extensions...keep them outta the class & your legs will be up at 180before you know it ;)Oh & about the leg worries - have you seen Sylvie Guillem's legs? Stick thin? No!!! Race horse muscular me thinks! Strong like they should be. So, just you tell that stupid ED that like it or not you shall have a strong dancer's physique whether ED agrees or not :) Take Care lovely xxx

P.S Yummy looking breakfast - perfect fuel for your class & Darcey Bussell has 3 bowls of cereal every morning so your up there with the pros already with your 3 courses :)

Juliet said...

All your meals look yummy and healthy! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Darcey is lovely. She came to talk to us whilst I was training at school & couldnt emphasise enough the importance of an adequate diet. So keep up the fuelling :)
About me- thanks for your words. I know I should probably take some of my own advice - always easier to say than do eh?! Dont worry though I would never let things get as bad as they were before. I have learnt too much to go back down that path.
I will keep reading your blog.
Take Care x