Friday, February 20, 2009

Teenagers Gnaw Icy Froyo

Evening, blogland! Sorry for not posting or commenting yesterday. Most of my teachers decided to tell me that all the work I missed while I was sick was due by today, so I spent all day and night doing that yesterday! I think I'm mostly caught up on commenting though.

Thanks for your advice on how to eat at parties. I'm sorry to say that I ended up not eating anything. While everyone else was socializing and eating cake, I was sitting by myself with no food. I'm sure that attracted more attention to me that I would have gotten if I had been eating though. Gur. I talked about it at group and the other girls said that it just comes with practice, yipee.

This morning for breakfast I topped my oats with freeze dried acai bananas, the last strawberry, and dark chocolate chips. T'was yum.

No pic of AM snack or lunch as they were boring. For my afternoon snack, I had a whole wheat english muffin with CC and applesauce, walnuts, and a tangerine. This is now my favorite snack!

Since both my dinner from last night and my dinner from tonight were scrumptious, I'll show you both. Last night, I made quinoa stir fry with spinach and walnuts. I love putting nuts in grains!

Tonight, I made soft oven baked polenta. Polenta is my new obsession! It's so creamy and filling. I used a combo of feta and parmesan for the cheeses. I accidentally forgot to take the lid off the baking dish so it was soupy, but still delish. You should all try polenta.
I also had a side salad made of lettuce, carrots, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, and papaya poppyseed dressing.

So far tonight, I've had a very oddly shaped yellow plum from Harry and David. It was really yummy and juicy.

Today in orchestra we were chilling out because we packed up our instruments a couple minutes early. I heard two girls talking about how their friends were going on a detox diet. They said that one of their friends thought she needed to lose weight, and their other friend was just following along to be healthy. This is where I jumped in the conversation, and they didn't seem to mind. We all started venting about how unhealthy detox diets are, how they deprived you of protein and fat. Then we were talking about how it sucks that every girl has such low self-esteem that they feel the need to diet to feel better about themselves. It makes me so upset that there are girls out there who are starting down the same path as me, just dieting to "cleanse" and be healthy. I took eating healthy too far though, which ultimately lead to my ED and I don't want it to happen to anyone else! I am happy though that there are some girls who realize how stupid teenage dieting is and know that it's not the way to make yourself happy. I sort of suspect that one of the girls has/has had an ED, but I don't exactly want to ask.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, and we may or may not be going out for dinner. I don't know if I'll have time to post. There will definitely be cake :]



Jess :) said...

Sorry about the socializing thing. It does come with practice. You will get there, I promise and I know you can! Look forward to the cake tomorrow. I bet it will be delish! Great eats today! Have a great night!
<3 jess :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your mom!
great dinner recipes girl ;]

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

I thikn it is absolutely wonderful that you've found girls you can talk to that share the same ideas about crazy fab diets.. they sound like great girls :). and i know it may be a little uncomfortable approaching someone who you may suspect suffers from ED.. but who knows, by reaching out you just may save them (like you have saved me :)!)

love you Kiki, enjoy your weekend!

tinyirishdancer said...

Yeeps. You spent a night in homeworkland, too. =[
My sympathies.

Ooh. Your foodies are yum, as usual! I too, love polenta. I'm CONSTANTLY converting people to it.

It's like...a religion.

Aw. I'm glad you found other girls who have a normal grasp on life! Crash/detox diets are notoriously unhealthy - it boggles my mind why people still go on them. >=O

Anyhow. I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Take care, girlie. =]

Lauryn said...

oh my gosh i LOVE polenta! and i've always wanted to try quinoa, i think im going to have to suck it up and give it a go!

as far as egg whites in oats, i just use liquid egg whites right to the mix and cook as normal, either on the stove or in the microwave if i do overnight oats!

so glad youre finding support in other girls -- it's so important to have people around who support you and share the same beliefs!


tinyirishdancer said...

OH! And I'm sorry eating your muffin upside down didn't work out for ya. =[

I do it to save the top for last - it's my favorite part!


Wow. I can't believe I made a new comment to talk about muffins. Morgan = dork.

emily. said...

I'm a icy froyo gnawing teen haha. :)

And happy birthday to your mom!

Papaya poppy seed dressing? Sounds divine. Did you make it yourself?

Polenta is sooo good. I had some for dinner yesterday and it was delicious.

Sorry about the socializing. I'm not a social butterfly either so I know how tough it can be sometimes. I guess it does come with more practice! Good luck. :)

Have a great rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

I really want that polenta!!!

Laci said...

Hey Kiks!
School today, bleh. Sorry you didn't have the nerve to eat anything, I can identify with that lonely, anxious, depressed feeling. Question: (If you don't mind answering, or you can E-mail if it's personal) Do you not have lunch or snack at school, which is why you don't post it, because I toally understand how you feel, I mean, I am always a little hungery at our ridiculously early lunch hour, so I eat some or all of what I brought if I have time, but for a while it was too awkward and embaressing... can you identify? sorry if this makes you annoyed, I'm just trying to share mixed emotions with other's whove experienced similar difficulties, socially and with self. Anyways, tell your mom I said Happy B-day, parents always fel so old! ;) And if you do go out, don't le ED get in your way of a good conversation and fabulous, nourishing food! :D

Mel said...

oh polenta, YUM!!!
and i agree about the socializing. I had a hard time eating in public during the worst of my ED, but it DOES get easier, i promise!
I'm so glad those girls realized that the detox diet is a bad idea!! It breaks my heart seeing people go down that path too :-( Glad you're feeling better!!

Lyssy said...

Great looking meals today! The pear looks tasty!

Happy early birthday to your mom! I hope tomorrow will be fun for you guys~

I'm sorry about your party. :( Hopefully in the future, it'll be much, much easier for you.

That's very true about what you said about the diets. It really stinks. :(

Have a good weekend!! =D

Sharon said...

Sorry about the party, but I think that is so great about the teenagers talking and how you jumped right into it. Detoxing can be really hard on the body, that is for sure.

Anyways, hope you have a great evening Kiki! =D

margarida said...

that english muffin seems so yummy! here in portugal that doesn't exist :(
sorry about the party, i understand you! i think that is so great the fact that you had a conversation with those girls about crazy diets :)
by the way, happy birthday to your mommyyy!! and cake? hhm so yummy =p

kiss kiss*

aussirish said...

heya hun
sorry the party didnt go as planned but i definetly think it jus comes with practice!
yummy eats :) that din dins looks fantasic!
im glad those 2 girls arent sucked in by the wows of teenage dieting!
have a nice night hun
love you

Anonymous said...

YAY - CC on and English muffin!! Isn't it delish :)

Your quinoa stir fry sounds amazing! I love all of your TGIF combos!

Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

it's ok, don't beat yourself up over it, kiki. it does come with practice, we can't overcome it all at once, but bit by bit you'll start feeling more comfortable eating in public.
and you're right, I've GOT to try myself some polenta. yum~

Erin said...

hi pretty!
stinks that you didn't get a chance to eat at the party but theyre right.. everything in time. with practice

it will all come to you one day, you WILL eat cake again & enjoy withOUTT the guilt you would have now or in the past!

that cottage cheeseey applesauce looks SCRUMPTIOUS.

well now my little pretty im off to eat some din din!

i shall catch up with you soon?


Anonymous said...

kiki you crack me up when you comment on my blog.

as for those oats - look delicious!!
glad you have found a nice group of friends!