Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heffelumps and Woozles

Evening, pretty ladies! Do you all hate Tuesday as much as me? I don't mind Mondays that much because I'm still stuck in weekend mode and just walk through the day in a trance. But on Tuesdays, it hits me that the week isn't even halfway over yet!

Breakfast this morning wasn't special, except for my oats which were fab. My mom bought cinnamon Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Bananas for my sister at Whole Foods. My sister didn't like them so I got to have them! Go buy these right now. They taste like Fay's banana spice bread (which was excellent) but crunchy! I put some in my oatmeal with raspberries and dark chocolate chips.

No picture of snack or lunch today, sorry. Perhaps I'll have some tomorrow. My snack was a clementine, vanilla roasted almonds, and a whole wheat english muffin (whole foods) with cottage cheese, applesauce and cinnmon. It's a very yummy and filling combo.

Dinner had to be eaten in the car from my cello lesson to therapy. It was very random. We had some frozen b-nut squash puree, so I cooked that up with cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of brown sugar. I also had 3 whole foods mini pitas with PB, leftover Vcon broiled tofu, and a key lime larabar. I like the mini pitas, but I think they'd be better stuffed with cheese/veggies because it was hard to spread PB in them.

Therapy was... weird. My mom had to come in with me this time. I don't like my therapist very much. Whenever I have a session, I feel obligated to say something to fill the wordless void around us, so I sometimes end up saying things that aren't true just to please my therapist. So my therapist was trying to get me to answer questions having to do with problems I don't really have, all with my mom in the room. No fun. I told her about the blog, like my group therapist said to do. She wanted to see it and I laughed and said no! But she said that she didn't see any problem with it, because she trusts me not to make it into another obsession.

Snacks tonight have involved plain PB puffins, because they're that good.
I'm going to do some commenting then start getting ready for bed because I'm beat! Sleep tight!


Erin said...

First time commenter! :)

LOVE the title of this post! And those banana thing-a-ma-jigs sound delicious!! :)

-Erin @ "Vegan & the City"

Laci said...

Hey Kiki!
I know, Tuesdays pretty much suck too for me. I perspnally hated therepy and still do, and she seems worse in the beginning. she's probably asking oyou alot of questions assuming you're "starving yourself" and we all know that's not true, despite how we're not nearly fully recovered. But, I REALLY see you trying, like with that brilliant snack and dinner, I mean not many people with ED would go that far! I try to, but sometimes I feel bad for those girls munching on fatfree cooked vegetables because "that's the nutrients" and very little grains or protien, mostly meals bellow x cals. Anyways, I love love love the comments you leave me, and I hope the theripist deal works out more smoothly! When I tried to explain to my mum that I REALLY hated her, she got protective and defensive, like "well, we can't risk not havving you see her anymore" and that just got me in rage. I know, we can be drama queens but that doen't mean we can give up or loose hope! This is something I also have a problem with, like, feeling INVISABLE and unwanted or unliked, so why "gain wieght"? Because we WON'T feel this way once we do, once we SHOW people who we are, not half asleep thinking about food!
P.S. I tend to have a bit less of a "full" lunch on school days and a HUGE snack when I get home, smae goes for you?
P.P.S. E-mail me if you want to talk sweetie! (carneyqt@gmail.com)

Jess :) said...

That oatmeal looks so delicious! And colorful & pretty :) sorry therapy wasn't all that good...when are you going to stop seeing her? (as in be done with therapy) Have a great night!!!
<3 jess :)

P.S My apologies for not filling out that 25 random things about me thingy on facebook! I really need to...

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I really like your oat combo and the delicious puffins.

I hate Tuesday's with a passion!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie - love the CC on the English muffin :)

Glad things went well in terms of the blog but I feel bad you feel obligated to say things to your therapist :(

Have a great Wednesday!

Sharon said...

Glad your therapist was so understanding about not revealing the blog thing! She seems like a good therapist!

And tasty eats. I want vanilla almonds!

Breaking Free said...

Ya, I know how frustrating therapists can be. I went to one for a while and all I did was vent about issues with my mother (which are a lot better now btw). I actually ended up going backwards while seeing her and eventually landing in the hospital. Now I am wary of therapists and doctors (I have had a BUNCH of bad/weird doctors), but am working on finding a good Christian therapist right now. I also have an O-MAZE-ING dietician who has been working with me for like 3-4 years, and hasn't given up on my yet!
Thank you so much for the encouraging comments! It always makes my day!
Heffelumps and Woozles Rock!

Mel said...

ah!! i just recently tried freeze-dried bananas too and they're delish!

and i know EXACTLY what you mean about therapy. I've been to more therapists than I can count and not a single one of them helped me... then again, i've heard of a lot of people who really like them. i guess it all depends on your personality. maybe she's just not the right fit for you? a therapist should definitely be someone you feel comfortable around and it doesn't sound like you're at ease around this one. definitely give it some thought!
have a great night girl!

Brooke said...

i agree - tuesdays are not my favorite. but at least it is over with!

i always love your oatmeal in the mornings! what a fun combination :)

im so sorry about your therapy session. how long have you been seeing her? is there a way you could see someone different? i know from experience that there needs to be a connection - otherwise it is hard to reach your fullest potential. but best of luck at group on thursday!

oh! love puffins! <333 good night love! xo

dollymixtures said...

Sorry about your therapist...I know exactly how you feel, I often say things to people/the doctor etc just to sort of fill up the air if you know what I mean..It's like they expect you to tell you all this stuff. Blah i dunno! Good work with your food as usual anyway! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your therapist & you aren't clicking. It helps if you have someone you feel comfortable with so you can be open. Any chance you can change? I know it would mean going over stuff again but you might find it better i the long run.

Oh & cottage cheese with english muffin is good! I used to mix a bit of chopped apple & microwave some raspberries to put in with the cottage cheese :)

Happy Wednesday - the weekend is near :) x

Burp and Slurp~! said...

eeyuck, therapy sessions sound tedious. I never had a therapist, except a few sessions with a psychiatrist when I was hospitalized, and was incredibly bored and impatient having to discuss "my problem" and "why do I feel this way" and blah blah blah. doesn't help at all except make me depressed thinking I'm hopeless. but that's probably just me. some ppl have really good testimonies with their therapists.
btw, have you considered searching for another therapist? what's the point of paying big bucks when it's not productive at all?

aussirish said...

great eats girlie! tuesday will be over soon enough so hang in there!!
glad you told your mum and therapist about the blog and theyre ok with it :)
have a nice night hun,
love you