Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking news!

Okay guys, I'm so proud of myself. I've been practicing Wii sports tennis since Christmas almost every day. And I'm happy to say that today, I reached pro level! Chicka chicka yeah! 1021, mmmhmm. Now I feel really lame because the rest of you are posting about how you just ran eight miles.

In other news, did you know that Santogold changed her name to Santigold? Aparently some jeweler called Santo Gold threatened to sue her if she didn't change her name. I'm sad because Santogold has a much nicer ring to it than Santigold.

My bowl of oats this morning was topped with the last of my freeze dried acai-bananas, blueberries, and dark chocolate chips. Yummers. Must buy more freeze dried nanners.

As usual I have no picture of AM snack. For lunch, I had the usual PB sammich, a minneola, a TLC bar, and Stonyfield Farms "people's choice" pomegrate berry yogurt. There was some online voting a couple months ago for a new yogurt flavor. I voted for one of the whole milk flavors but obviously more people voted for non-fat. This was nice, I liked that the fruit was mixed in rather than clumped at the bottom.

I was hungryhungryhungry after school today, which means I had popcorn! I topped it with cinnamon and had a bowl of plain yogurt w/ bluebs for some purple.
I also had a multi grain rice cake with a tbs better N PB and applesauce. Much better than plain! I don't know why I'm holding it so awkwardly in the pic.

My dad was working late again tonight, which means that me, my mom, and my sister had to have breakfast for dinner! We made gingerbread pancakes using a Hogdston Mills mix. I had one topped with maple syrup, one with a bananarama, and one that I added applesauce to after the pic. Pancake day was yesterday but they still tasted delicious today!
While sitting down to blog I had a string cheese, that I'm counting as the protein part of my dinner.

This picture is actually from last night's snack but I'm going to have it again tonight. It's Stoneyfield Farms cookies n dream (full fat!) ice cream. It's soooo yummy! I don't like plain chocolate ice cream but adding chunks of chocolate cookies to vanilla is amazing.

I've noticed a couple of bloggers saying how they've been hungrier than usual lately, and I have been too. I don't know if it's because my metabolism has sped up, because I haven't weighed myself recently and don't know if I've lost weight. It could also be because I'm lacking in fat/protein/fiber/something else and don't feel full as much as I should. But in any case, I've been having a really difficult time honoring my hunger. When I start to feel hungry, I usually just drink water or have a stick of gum to kill it off for a bit. Either that, or I have a bite of fruit. So, I've basically been sitting with my hunger, allowing it to distract me from my schoolwork, cello, studying, etc. I know this is ridiculous and irrational but I'm still so afraid that if I go over my set calorie limit, I'm going to gain weight. I don't know what to do! I want to give my body all the food it needs, but I can't convince myself that a couple extra calories on normal days (like when I'm not going out to eat) won't add up and make me gain. Arrrrrg advice would be much appreciated.

Now I'm off to... I don't know. I might watch some crappy TV with my mom. Night!


lesley said...

Delicious eats ... especially that dessert ; )

Anonymous said...

holy moly
a - chocolate + oats = love
b - I voted for the white chocolate raspberry but it obvs didn't win :\ that flavor is good though
c - yummy desseret
d - i've been hungry lately too!! I say just go with it girlie. Your healthy and beautiful!

Sharon said...

Love your breakfast for dinner with your sister and mom! Delicious. And dessert looks great Kiki!

Erin said...

hellllloo girl friend!

okay congrats on your wii tennis!!! yayyyyy!!

now. santigold. GROSS what a silllyy name. i don't like it..

your delicious eats today reflect you per usual..
but honestly
your dinner

can i get the recipe for what you used to make them gingerbready?!


as for hunger. mine's been THROUGH the roof.
i have all my alotted snacks for the day
but if i'm still hungry in between them, before or after.. i nosh on veggies. filling & yummy when paired with some balsamic!

just make sure you aren't compensating them for your actual snacks..

also you CERTAINLY could up the protein or fat content.. easily, with some PB!

and i LOVE cottage cheese. idk why i never feel bad about eating it hahah

good luck!
keep me posted

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Wii game - I have the worst coordination aka I suck at video games so more power to ya!

Pancakes are always great!! Have a fantastic night, girl :)

Laci said...

hey Kiks!
Haha I have a Wii fit but don't really use it... it got kinda repetitive, but since it was so expensive I oughta get some more use out of it soon! ery yumilicious eats... oats for breakkie, PB for lunch, GINGERBREAD PANCAKES for dinner! AND regular ice cream, vital to general recovery! Horray, you kicked EDs butt! (For a vegan, "regular" ice cream would be more along the lines of about 2/3 cup coconut milk ice cream, which I haven't tried yet but am planning to) As for the hunger signals... I know this seems almost impossible, but we gotta start LISTENING (escuchamos) too our bodies, not creating rigid schedules and calorie limits. You are a tall, beutiful, growing girl, who just try to keep ditching ED and remember recovery is about letting go and valuing our precious bodies. Imagine what we'd look like in 20 years if we kept these "calorie limits". If we want to move on with growth (mental and physical) we must not try to limit what our body craves. I so hear you, I used to drink lots of water and chew Trident when I felt "inneed of an energy boost" but now I actually nourish with real, wholesome fuel. I still struggle a bit- I mean, it's SOOOO hard to fully let go of ED. But we are making wonderful pregress girl, so keep pushing to move FORWARD!!! :)

Jess :) said...

Oh my goodness, I have been hungrier lately too! It's like I eat something, then I am super hungry like an hour and a half later. Like, I need another meal hungry! I might be lacking in the protein department though...I don't know! I need to think this through more. Congrats on the wii tennis acheviemnt! That's awesome :) Great foodies as well!!! If you're hungry, go grab something to eat girlie :)
<3 jess :)

Sandy said...

Whaaat? Santigold? That's ridiculous that she had to change her name. Santi is her real name though..

I dunno, I'm kind of glad on days when I'm feeling extra hungry since I'm trying to gain weight and I don't feel as guilty eating more, rather than when I have to force myself to eat when I have no appetite.

Anonymous said...

Um, I want that sandwich now. The bread looks so fluffy and soft...mmm.

I've been hungrier too! AH! I don't really know how to deal with it though so I just drink huge amounts of water.

tinyirishdancer said...

Mhmm. Ice cream! Must go

Okay, back.
With ice cream.
Now can write. =D

Gosh. I love your foodies. Especially your lunches - they're always so balanced!

Yes! You had brekkie for din din too!!
It's my favorite.

Wow. I've also been feeling a lot hungrier lately. I think small steps is key to being comfy with eating more.
Do you count calories pretty closely? Try a day without counting them at all, and eat EXACTLY what you're craving EXACTLY when your body tells you to.
(Obviously, though, without restricting.)

I haven't written about it, but on the days I don't post, that's what I've been doing.
It's scary, but it actually makes me feel better about myself - like I'm getting more in touch with my body (rather than a meal plan) and doing it a favor.

That be my spiel. =]

<3 you, sweetie! Hope you're having a relaxing evening!

Mel said...

haha i've actually been obsessed with Santo(santi??)gold lately. and ahhhh, i know about the being hungry thing, it's been ridiculous for me lately too!! you should really really really read Intuitive Eating. It's been helping me out a lot this week and i'm only halfway done reading it! Basically, 1) Give yourself unconditional permission to eat ANYthing at ANY time you become hungry. 2) actually eat when you're hungry-- and don't wait until you're ravenous. 2) Eat what you REALLY crave when hungry.

It's so simple, but it WORKS. I've found that high-fiber cereal's been doing it for me lately. Have a good night!!

Breaking Free said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats on the Wii! I don't have one but they sound like a lot of fun. Your bowl of oats looks amazing as per usual. Chocolate + Oatmeal+ Banana= :)

As for the hunger thing, I can definitely relate. Lately since I have been upping my meal plan I find that I am still hungry even after I finish eating. This really bothers me right now. I think it's because I wasn't allowing myself to eat more even though I knew that it was wrong and I really didn't want to restrict again. So now it's like I just want to eat and not starve. It feels weird but I think it's a good thing. ?? But right now I am scared to eat more even when I am hungry so I just end up snacking on fruit or frozen green beans.

What? They're good!

Anywho, hope you have a great night! See if you can use your AWESOME Wii skills to sock a couple to ED!!

Brooke said...

hi sweetie! great eats today! i always loved pancakes for dinner. i must do that again. and i need to try this cookies and cream ice cream! it looks delicious :D

i can completely relate to your hunger signals. i notice that i get hungry about an hour after i finish a meals so i find myself snacking on frozen berries. but over the past few days ive been trying to have more ''balanced'' lunches, snacks, etc. but if that doesnt work i try to give in and just accept that my hunger will change everyday. hang in there! and try to listen to your body :)

love you loads! <3

Maya said...

love breakfats for dinner! so yummy! great eats! and congrats on Wii tennis!!:) you should defienlty listen to your hunger,your body is trying to tell you something..its so cool how it does that...maybe you have lost,or you arent ggiving it enough. i love when i feel hungry..i havent for a while,only breakfast:) love you

aussirish said...

hi hun
great eats :)especially the pancakes!
id say the hunger thing could be beacuse your still young and growing and need more energy in order to grow! thats why teens need more calories than adutls..cause we burn it up :) haha. i hope you manage to start giving yourself some more nourishment when you feel the hunger hun, its only gonna do your body good!
love you

Pammy said...

delicious eats. i know how you feel- when i reached pro on the wii i was SO excited. i havnt played since though haha

as for the hunger- try your best to honor it. you are not going to gain weight from adding a snack here and there. maybe talk to your nutritionist (idk if you have one) or therapist about it. sometimes its nice to have a reality check from a professional.

Burp and Slurp~! said...

hey, I'm getting hungry easier, too. I think just listen to your body? wait, so you're in maintenance right now? maybe you can drink more more whole grains and not bars? (bars usually never fill me up)
but omg, YAY~ pancakes for dinner is the way to go~