Monday, February 2, 2009

(time) Crunch!

Evening, blog land! This post is supposed to be quick, but I don't know if it actually will be! I don't think I'll be able to do many blog comments either. I have lots of homework and other chores to do and it's already late-ish. Sorry!

Breakfast was all stuff I've eaten before. Yogurt, biscuits with jam and cream cheese, and antioxidant oats with a vanilla yogurt frosting.
I also had this lovely tangerine that my mom brought me from Florida! She was staying with my grandma and grandad and they have tangerine, grapefruit, and orange trees in their backyard. So I now have lots of fresh citrus!

I had to have a boring packed lunch today, booo! This is just a choco banana PB sammich, a clementine, Zbar, and Go Go Squeeze applesauce! How fun is that? Applesauce in a cute little tube! It was yummy, but I wouldn't pay $1 for a single packet again for such an unimaginative flavor. Normally I'd have yogurt instead of applesauce but I packed this when we were out of yogurt. I was definitely feeling the lack of protein when I got home (hungry!) so I had some unpictured string cheese.

After school today, I had dance class. It didn't go as well as it did on Saturday. Lots of negativity, picking apart my flaws type stuff. But let's not dwell on the negative! I know I'm not going to feel super about myself every class. Instead of thinking about how much of a failure I am for letting ED win, I need to think of ways to keep him from butting in again. To refuel after class I had this:
Cherry cashew pure bar. This is the second time I've had this flavor and it's divine! I don't like the cherry pie larabar very much because it's so tart. But this is the same idea and tastes so much better. The cashew flavor is pretty prominent and it's perfectly sweet! A+!

Dinner was.. a pasta dish again. I've been having pasta a lot lately, but I haven't had it in a while so I'm not sick of it yet! Yum. We were supposed to have a fritatta but didn't have enough eggs. I used a mix of multigrain and smart taste pastas with the tomato sauce from last night. With it, we had unpictured carrots & cucumber, and Trader Joe's eggplant cutlets. I love these little cirlces of crispy goodness! One of the few frozen meals I'll eat.

Meh, this is pretty short afterall. Tomorrow I'm going to tell my mom about the blog. I am I am I am I am! I think I might write her a letter, in case I can't compose myself enough to tell her face to face. I'm good at writing persuasive letters, so I can just put all the positive things this blog has brought me in the letter. I also have to explain that this isn't an extension of my ED, it has actually been helping me recover. Thanks to you lovely bloggies!

There might be a snow storm coming tonight, so I'm hoping for a snow day. Or at least a 2-hour delay. OH I hope that there's a worldwide snow storm so we can all have a snow day and keep each other entertained!

Make sure you all enter the Hangry Pants almond butter giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Now I want a Purebar!!! SO DELICIOUS!

Brooke said...

yum blueberry oats with vanilla yogurt frosting! and i love your dinner! thank you for the tj eggplant review :) i looked at it last week but decided against it because ed was being a jerk. so ill remember to pick it up next time!

enjoy your night and best of luck with the letter! honesty is the best virtue :)

Sharon said...

Ah, eggplant cutlets sound and look tasty! Why are Canadians falling short of enjoying a Trader Joes? -lol-

And applesauce in a tube? That is so cute! I used to have yogurt in the tubes all the time. LOL!

Anonymous said...

mmmm now i can't wait until I try that flavor! i still haven't tried any yet but i seriously can't wait esp after reading your post ;]

GOOD LUCK with the letter!!!!

Maya said...

those eggplant cutlets look really good! i should look into getting them,i love eggplant.

Anonymous said...

hey my love! good luck with your mumma :) i'm sure she'll take it fine. maybe let her have a look at one of your posts or something, so she can see all the positivity and deliciousness oooozin out of every word? ;) hope youve had a good day! xxx

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking food stuff.
Have a great day tomorrow and good luck with your letter.

Burp and Slurp~! said...

GOOD LUCK in telling your mother! I'm sure she'll be thrilled on how this blogging has helped you. make her know this is one of your weapons to FIGHT ED!
those eggplant cutlets look so good! are they oven-baked or deep-fried?

Mel said...

vanilla yogurt frosting + oats= woowwwww. You're always so creative with your food! Good luck with telling your mom about the blog!!

Cate said...

good luck talking to your mom about the blog! yummy looking eats:)

aussirish said...

heya sweetie
good luck telling your mu :) i think its a great step!!
your breakfasts always look so good!!
have a great night
love you

Anonymous said...

Those Purebars sound fabulous! I wish I could find them :( Ahh so do those TJs cutlets - yummy!

Writing a letter is a perfect way to tell people things :) Good luck!!

Laci said...

I had a pure bar today, they were unexpectedly sweet and chewy like lara bars... maybe better because of the nutritional value! I just wish they were a little bigger/thicker... I'm sorry you felt down in dance! I take a class once a week with my BFF and some other girls and when my teacher critisizes/corrects me I feel pretty down too! I've tried to learn she's just acknowlaging what I need to work on, and it's WAY better than when I was at my lowest or "blackest" point MANY months ago! I only recently found you, but we have so much in common and you are such a sweetie you probably don't realise it... keep up the happy attitude and "all me" spirit hon! =)

Erin said...

heyyy you!! delish breakfasts of course.

and well as for the BLOG thing i want to tell my mommy tomorrow too im scared she will judge me

you're 14, i'm almost 18.
i should be as mature as you

i love you!
wish i were more like you