Sunday, February 22, 2009

Confessions of a grocery shop-a-holic

Evening, chicas! I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday. I wonder if there will always be days like yesterday for me, where I wake up hating myself, food, and my body. I wonder if I'll ever be able to be comfortable with who I am, and not have my mood revolve around something as pointless as losing weight and being skinny.

For breakfast, I had some leftover aebleskiver dipped in applesauce. Still yummy, even after sitting in the fridge overnight!
I also had an apple with cheese, then pumpkin pie oats! I added 1 crumbled whole grain graham cracker, 1/4 c pumpkin, cinnamon, and dark choco chips on top of my oats. One of my favorites.

No picture of my AM snack, because it was almonds. It's almost always almonds, which is why I never bother to take a picture! For lunch I was craving peanut butter like mad. Since applesauce has been one of my obsessions lately, I made a grilled PB+applesauce sammich on whole wheat potato bread. Excellent, I'll have to try this combo again! I also had plain yogurt, carrots, and a TLC bar.
Okay, now don't laugh, but I'm turning orange from eating too many carrots! I think I've had carrots at least once a day for the past year and a half. When I was at the doctor's the other day, the nurse looked at my hands and said "Did you use spray tan or something? Your hands are really orange." Um no, that's the actual color of my hands.. it was quite embarassing. So today was my last day of eating carrots/pumpkin for a while. I need the orange in my hands to go away, and prevent it from spreading to the rest of my body! So if you ever see me eating carrots on here, scold me.

After lunch I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with my sister. I liked it, it was sort of dumb, but funny and entertaining. Then we went to WHOLE FOODS! This is where the grocery shopaholic part of my title comes into play. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars at WF, but today I just bought a few things and only spent $30! Yipee!

When I got home from the movie, I had a snack of an apple with cheese and a KLP Larabar.

For dinner, I made garlic and parmesan mashed red potatoes. I haven't had mashed taters in a really long time, and these were soo good! I can understand why Jemima named her blog after them!
On the side, I had a Quorn chicken cutlet with OO, cumin, garlic, and oregano; and some peas in the pod.
For the past few nights for my night time snack, I've been having soy delicious chocolate PB ice cream. It doesn't taste exactly like dairy ice cream, but it's still addicting!

That's all, good night darlings!

P.S. School is tomorrow. Yuck. I hope I faint again.


Anonymous said...

LOVEEE that larabar flavor.
haha orange hands!? oh no! I heard the beta-caratone can do that to your skin though.

I have a a groery shop-a-holic and proud :) have a great night!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I never thought too many carrots would do that! Anyways, love your eats - mmmmm, sandwich!

Jess :) said...

Oohh, another larabar :) Mmm! I definitely need to get some more! I think there will come a day when you no longer worry about that stuff. I believe you can and will. We all will if we put our minds to it! Great foodies and I could spend hundreds of dollars on groceries in one trip-EASY! I would get some larabars, cliff bars, produce, on and ON! Haha, have a wonderful night!
<3 jess :)

Pammy said...

The larabar looks good. Ill have to try it sometime. i LOVE WF I could spend hours shopping there haha

Mel said...

Aw, sorry you had a down day yesterday girlie, so did I :-( Glad things are better today!! Hahaha that's hilarious about your orange hands!! I've read about that happening, but never heard someone in real life talk about it. Have a great night <3

Laci said...

Hey Kiki!
Yea for feeling better today! <3 your eats today, as always... I wuv the oats, lunch, snack and I'm a soy delicious addict as well! Soon, when I kill ED even further, I'll try the coconat milk based kind, supposed to be more creamy and rich like dairy ice cream, highter in sat. fat but is also healthy because it's plant based... Happy oscar night hon! and goodlick with stinky school tomorrow, I'll think of you1 ;)

Lauryn said...

yayy glad youre feeling better today kiki! remember, one day at a time =)

so funny about turning ORANGE! who would have thought?!?!

fantastic eats, as always! have a relaxing sunday and a great week!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the WFs spending ;) It's so easy to go overboard there! Your breakfast sounds delish!! Apple and cheese - yummy!

emily. said...

We should definitely start a support group for grocery store junkies. I went yesterday and wanted to by everything I saw- apples, orange, nectarines, peaches, clif bars, cereal! So many things I wanted really. really. badly!

Sorry about your hands! At least you know you'll have really good eyesight. ;)

Yum, yum, that's a good lookin' dinner you have there!

Despite going into the evil land of death (uhhh, aka school?) tomorrow, I hope you have a good day! <3

<3 Cortni said...

i love red skin mashed potatoes. i don't think they taste any different than regular but in my mind they taste better.

i love the soy delicious pb chocolate ice cream too. but my favourite will always remain plain old vanilla.

dollymixtures said...

Oh no, you've been tangoed! D:
Lol aw thats pretty sucky, try cutting out the carrots and see what happens. That's a shame thouhg, I hope it doesnt happen to me cos I love carrots too :[
Glad you enjoyed the film and try to enjoy school tomorrow (;

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today kiki. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately! I'm still reading your posts every day though and will be springing out of the shadows soon. I say you should carry on with the carrots and see if your hair changes colour, we could be twins. :) love you pumpkin have a happy monday xxxxxx

lesley said...

Yeah, my husband and I DO spend hundreds of dollars at WF :s We LOVE food!

I didn't know it was actually possible for you to get an orange tint, lol ... I better watch out becuase I eat a lot of carrots, too!!

Hope you Monday is great!!! : )

Burp and Slurp~! said...

lol, I love your clever titles. I'm a grocery shop-a-holic, too!
eek! I know, right? I OD-ed on carrots once too and turned all orange!

aussirish said...

heya hunni
great eats :)
i loved that movie too :)so good and a light hearted sorta movie!
aw hope schools not too bad tomro,
have a nice night
love you

Breaking Free said...

A ha I TOTALLY know what you are saying about the carrots!! During the worst of my anorexic days, carrots was one of the only few things that I would eat. I ate them so often that my hands and feet literally turned orange. It was like I was glowing!! Glad that you had a better day today! Can't wait to hear about your WF finds. I love that store. teehee :)