Monday, February 9, 2009

School Shenanigans

The most exciting thing in the history of my school career probably happened today. Last night after procrastinating by blogging, I finally started my geometry problems. They were word problems, and I can tolerate a bit of those but there were at least 20 that I had to do! So I got to one that went something like this: Sharon and Matt are icing cookies. They have enough icing to cover a 9x13 inch sheet cake. How many cookies with a 2 inch diameter would they be able to ice with the given amount of frosting?

It's a pretty easy problem, but I was sick of world problems so I just wrote the practical thing, "TRY IT AND SEE!" I thought I was going to actually do it in the morning but I forgot. So we handed our HW in at the beginning of class today so my teacher could grade them and hand them back before class ended. I had completely forgotten about what I wrote until the teacher called me to her desk! She scares me to death! She said something along the lines of she does not approve of this sort of apathy towards her class, and why did I think I didn't have to attempt every problem? So I made a pouty face and said "Sorry, but math is just so hard for me!" I totally guilt tripped her because she apologized and asked if I'd like to come in during lunch so she could teach me how to do the problem! It was truly amazing.

But rewind back to breakfast. It was una manzana con queso (gotta practice my Spanish!).And un Zbar calor.
Then a bowl of banana chai oats! Muy bien!

Skip over snack and lunch. I had ballet today. Ballet went pretty well. I was sort of doing body checks now and then but I couldn't really see my "fat". Yay!

After class, I had a kiwi, string cheese, and a Perfect Pumpkin Boomi bar. My mom brought me this from an airport in Florida, woohoo! I love getting new bars.
I really liked the bar! It was sweet, but not overbearingly so. I like to be able to see every ingredient of my bar, and I could do that with this one. The ingredients are only pumpkin seeds, raisins, honey, dates, apricots, cranberries, crisp rice, amaranth flakes and salt. The rice, amaranth, and seeds provided a nice chewy-crunch, and the dried fruit was nice and squishy. I wish they sold Boomi bars around here :[

For din dins I made huevos rancheros tostadas. Instead of picante sauce, I pureed 1/2 c tomato sauce, 1/4 c green onions, 2 tbs green chilis, 1/2 tsp chili powder and 1/4 c chopped tomato. I never thought about it before, but I really don't like the idea of an egg yolk staring up at me. So I made mine sunny-side down. I wanted to top it with cheese, but my sister used it all up making nachos!
I also had a tangerine.

That's all for now! Enjoy your evenings/ beauty sleep lovelies!


Sharon said...

I have never iced cookies before, that is because I have never had successful cookies. ;)

Anyways, glad everything was okay in that the teacher offered to help and such with math. I strongly dislike math myself too!

Breaking Free said...

Haha! Kiki you make me laugh so much! I cannot believe that you did that. And with the whole "sunny-side down thing", too funny. I was actually stumped by the math problem when I first read it, so I HAD to go and figure it out before I continued reading. And I love the idea of incorporating Spanish into your blogs, that's what I'm going to have to do with my Italian soon:) I could only figure out the second part though..something with cheese is all I could gather. lol. anyways have a great night, and I'm glad that ballet class went better!

Jess :) said...

That is so funny about the math problem!!! I don't understand spanish haha. I had the same Z-Bar as a snack today. They are amazing!
Have a wonderful night!
<3 jess :)

Sandy said...

Good to hear the Boomi Bar was good. I'd never heard of them until I found them at my local grocery a few days ago and picked up a few.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Mmmmm that z bar is calling to me. Can you hear it?

Anonymous said...

Glad your teacher helped you with the problem! That Boomi bar sounds great :)

Banana chai oats?! Yum!!

Anonymous said...

wow all your food looks amazing!

Laci said...

Hey Kiki!
Thanks so much for the comment! It REALLY meant ALOT to me, I appriciate your raw,loving honesty!
It's funny about your teacher. Sometimes I feel like the last thing I want to do is be confronted on how to do x or "why didn'y you do tis correctly", I always for get to do HW if I'm planning to leave it until the morning! Sometimes Ijust want to get class over with (lonely, boring, silent, miserable, etc.) and the worst is when I'm kinda zoning out and then I realise, "whatamisupposedtodonow?" but I don't want to ask MRS.CROW (screeching crows, haha) but when you do get to know them, they really will help us, so I'm not really afraid anymore. I love "bars", DYING to find that one your mom got you in the Florida airport! (Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? They're AMAZING, but I hrd they're going to be "enderwater" within an mere century because of global warming! Bii! :( ) Anyways, Have a nice night doll! Best of luck in school tomorro, I'll be thinking of ya! ;D

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the teacher helped you, I hate when my teachers don't's like what are you there for then!? haha

Mmm, your oatmeal looks fabulous. I want!

Brooke said...

i never liked math either! or understood it. but i hope you got the help you needed :)

i love your oats! fabulouuus b-fast with the zbar too! have you ever warmed them up? highly recommended. oh! and i must try a boom bar. i know my co-op sells them but ive never been daring enough. it sounds delicious!

sweet dreams! and im so glad ballet went well today! keep the positive energy alive <3 you!

Maya said...

glad ballet went well! great eats too! love your chai oats and boomi bars,ive had one before and i liked it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....I've done that a few times with exam qstns & forgot to go back & change them. On etime I wrote 'Only smarties have the answer' & in my French test I wrote 'Je ne sais pas' (I don't now) for quite a few qstns - at least that was in French I suppose ;)
I love how you turned the teacher feeling guilty - skill ;) x

Mel said...

hahaha that math thing is hilarious-- i'm SO bad at it too and that is TOTALLY something I would have written haha. and yay for a good ballet class!!

aussirish said...

heya girlie,
sorry i missed ur last post but im so proud of u for listening to your hunger and eating that rice cake to satisfy and nourish you :)
your brekkie always looks so yummy!!
have a great night,
love u

Anonymous said...

Great noms.
I hope you have a good rest of the day.

Erin said...

helllo pretty girl!
hahahah so happy you guilt tripped your teacher. its so funny..
did you ever get the help on the problemo?!
anyway food looks fab..
can i get some help on my oats please :) hehe yours always look so good and satiating!

i reeeeeallly could use your help in that department

<333 have a wonderful night

happy you looked at yourself more positively at ballet :)