Sunday, February 8, 2009

Math homework avoidance!

Okay, well first things first. This is the coolest time waster, ever! It's crashed my internet twice and I'm supposed to be memorizing square roots but I don't want to stop!

Today has been a pretty boring day. Just errand-running and homework, for the most part.

My somewhat unbalanced breakfast started off with half a grapefruit. Why are they called grapefruits? Why? They don't look like grapes, or taste like grapes!
Then a PB and cranberry apple butter quesadilla.
The World Market near me is going out of business. It's really sad because it's where we get all of our cool ethnic food. There are Chinese markets here, but there isn't anywhere else to buy European/Australian food. But, there were some pretty good clearance sales when we went yesterday. One of the things we got were ________ vanilla gingersnap cookies. So I crumbled one up in my oats with some strawberries and a splash of vanilla soymilk. Tada, strawberry shortcake oats!

For lunch, I had the leftover butternut squash and white bean soup with half a very cheesy grilled cheese for dipping purposes. Also a plain yogurt, carrots, and a Kashi bar.

Then I went to Whole Foods, yay! I didn't get too much stuff because the cost adds up very quickly there, but what I did get is new and yummy. You'll be seeing it over the next few days. While at WF, I tried a really yummy square of Chocolove cherry dark chocolate.

Snack! I'm really liking this routine-less afternoon snack I've started. I had chocolate banana PB (full 2 tbs, yay!) and half a banana on two multigrain ricecakes (from WF). I also had a bowl of plain yogurt.

Para cena, yo cocine Spaghetti Fritatta. Muy delicioso! I used Smart taste pasta.
I also had a slice of toast and a clemmie. Question: What will the food blogging world do when clementines are out of season and are no longer sold in grocery stores? I think I'll cry when I walk into giant and they aren't there!

Ugh, school tomorrow. Sundays are always depressing for me because even if I do something fun, I know that the next day I'll have to go to school. Raaaaaaaaaaaawr. Wouldn't it be amazing if all the food bloggers in the world could live in a happy blogging community? With no school, and infinite time to bake and cook? Yes, I like that idea.

Oh, P.S. I was still hungry after dinner so I ate another rice cake with PB. This is a big thing because normally, I'm so afraid of going over my calories. But I figured that if my body was telling me that I needed to give it some more energy, I should eat! And I'm not feeling guilty now. This was difficult for me before?

Have a great evening, beauties!


Sharon said...

Wonderful eats! And I should be studying right now, but I am not. Haha, what a rebel. Talk about lazyyyy. LOL! Anyways, tasty eats! Love your sandwich, I definitely need to get a grill!

Laci said...

Hey Kiki!
when I saw that grapefruit at the top I was like, "Um, that's all the breakfast?" but thankfully not! (We WON'T fall into Ed's traps!!! ;)) Great eats today! I love the oats, snacks and lunch especially! And hooray for WF's ! I ALWAYS over spend there, so I try not to go more thane once a week or when I'm in dire need of one particular item... I ove how they have free samples of things too! And I SOOOO hear you about stinkin school and HW Sundays! Whay can't they give us a break on the weekends, for once!? So unfair... hiope you make the best of it though! ;)

Jess :) said...

Lovely eats today! Too bad about the closing of the store. That stinks. Have a great night nonetheless though!
<3 jess :)

Breaking Free said...

haha, I love the little tangent about the grapefruit! And even though I only speak un poquito de Espanol, I totally understood what you said: For dinner I cooked Spaghetti Fritatta. Great job with the eats today, 3 TB of PB would be such a challenge for me. I always think it's so amazing how you are able to be in tune with your hunger cues and obey them!

Brooke said...

oh my goodness your breakfast! the oats and quesadilla look deliciousss! im sad about world market too - i loved their selection of ethic foods and accessories.

2 tbsp hooray! i am finally comfortable with this too and it feels amazing :D yes!

ill miss my clemmys too - maybe tangerines?

and congratulations for listening to your hunger after dinner! will still have room for a nighttime snack?

<3 you! best of luck @ school this week!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY EATS!! Holy cow - strawberry shortcake oats?! Breakfast 'dilla?! Soup and sammy?! Everything looks delicious :)

Keep honoring that hunger, girl!

Anonymous said...


I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now...oops =)

Mel said...

hahaha i think that EXACT same thing about grapefruit every time I eat it. Like seriously, why?? good for you for eating the PB ricecake after dinner girl! that's one of my fave snacks too :-) have a happy monday!!

dollymixtures said...

argh maths is just disgusting isnt it lol. Keep up the good eats :]

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your closing World Market. It's one of my favorite stores to explore too. I've found many wonderful things there. Keep up the good eats!!

Maya said...

i have a hard time listening to my hunger,i too feek like i cant pass a certain # and that makes it hard to eat more if iam still hungry...gret job having the rice cake! i want to get to a point that i can be intuitive,sounds like your almost there:) love you and great eats and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO!! yay for your lill extra evening snack, and double yay for not feeling guilty!! you rawkkkk. i just had a quick look at that rotating picture thing and OMG, i think i'm going to waste my whole evening on it tonight.. hahah soo addictive. your breakfast looks uhhhmazing.
i haven't heard of some of those bands - but i think i'll be checking them out as i trust your music taste to be extremely similar to mine haha. i hope your monday at school is at least bearable :) love you!xxxxx

glidingcalm said...

I know what you mean- sometimes I wish Sunday's were about 8 hours longer!! :) That's okay, Monday will be over soon!

Love the eats......esp the breakfast quesadilla!! yum!

take care, and happy Monday!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

lol, I agree with the grapefruit! I've always wondered why the hell it's called that, too!
spaghetti frittata sounds awesome.
btw, clementines might get out of season, but aren't oranges always in season? they're kind of the same thing...but then, good news is, when clementines go away, more good fruits comes this way!

Erin said...


yummy oats.

math homework stinks! don't do it

& i agree about grapefruit.
it SO doesnt taste like grapes.

yumm yumm quesadillllaa

Anonymous said...

wonderful foods - especially the spaghetti thing! yummm :)