Saturday, February 7, 2009

So, yay.

Do you girls get words and phrases stuck in your heads? I do! I get songs too, but I often get random words or sentences repeating over and over again. It doesn't annoy me, but I've never met anyone else that this happens to. The title of my post it what's repeating through my head right now. In ballet today, we had just finished an exercise and my teacher's helper just said "So, yay." with no emotion. It sounds stupid but it was hilarious! Oooookay reading this over sorry for the randomoscity but I'm a space cadet right now.

This morning I had to go get my blood drawn for my stupid ED doctor. She makes me get it done like every other month! Hate evil doctors grrrr. I had to sit around in a waiting room for an hour before I finally got called to get my blood drawn, so I was not a happy camper. I'm okay with blood, but thankfully I only had to get two vials worth taken out of me. I had to fast too, which I never had to do when I was underweight. It was 10:00 when I got home and I was hungry like a wolf. I saw some leftover cheesy corn and barley bake so I threw that in the skillet with tofu and a couple mushrooms.
It was okay. For my daily bowl of oatmeal, I made banana chai! My dad likes to buy this chai latte mix from TJ's. It has a bit of sugar and milk powder in it. So I put a tbs of that in, plus half a micro'd banana. Sooo creamy and good!

I don't have a pic of my AM snack, sorry. It was just almonds. It was just me and my mom for lunch today, so we decided to have the same sammich. The sandwich consisted of about 1 1/4 eggplant cutlets from TJ's, 1 slice mozzarella cheese, and 2 tbs marinara sauce. The photo doesn't do it justice. Eggplant parmesan sammich! :] With carrots and lentil dip, and a Kashi bar.

Snack today was a challenge (imagine me doing magical wavy fingers). I'm sure I'm not the only girl on here who struggles with eating by the clock, and eating the same thing every day. My snack eating schedule is crazy, I usually spread everything (always a yogurt, fruit, carrots, and carby thing) out from 3-6:00 because I'm afraid I'll get hungry. The ironic part is that I do get hungry, when I'm only letting myself eat a clementine because it's not late enough to eat a heftier snack. This afternoon, I decided that that is probably the stupidest ritual on Earth and needed to be broken! So I listened to my body and ate when I was hungry, which was at 4:00. And I didn't just eat fruit to try to temporarily kill my hunger. I had a real snack!
On the right, you see plain yogurt plus a microwaved apple and cinnamon. New favorite snack! And also a Archer Farms granola bar, which was just okay. This snack kept me satisfied for 3.5 hours, and eating each part of my snack over the course of three hours never did that for me. So take that, ED!

For dinner, I made a family favorite, kugel! It's still a bit of a fear food for me, but it becomes less and less of one every time I make it! It seriously tastes like apple pie pasta. Mmm. I ate the last apple in my yummy snack today (whoops) so I used applesauce and added in dried apricots and raisins and it was amazing. We had it with broiled tofu from Vcon, and some steamed rainbow chard. Balanced meal, for once!
I ended up eating another serving of the tofu because the omnis have something against it.

I showed my mommy my blog today. She seemed pretty pleased by it. She said that it's clear that I get nothing but supportive comments from you ladies! Her only question was whether or not I'd be taking food pictures for the rest of my life. I don't want to think about quitting food blogging though, even if it ends up being years in the future. I love it too much!



Jess :) said...

Yay! I am glad your mom liked the blog :) And haha about your title. I bet it was funny although I don't really understand it! Lol, have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Great eats too, esp. your lunch! And also, awesome progress with your snacks too :) And dinner-wow-za girlie! Amazing you!
<3 jess :)

collegeveg said...

I get words stuck in my head, too! Usually they're words that I'm not completely positive as to what the definition is, like perfunctory. Or pernicious. Then they drive me crazy until I look them up.

Glad to hear that your mom was happy with your blog. It really is a good, supportive thing!


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy that your mom LIKED your blog ;]

I'm also happy to hear that you've conquered something today! eating by hunger is hard but you're getting there girly~ KEEP it going!!!

lotsa love from me<3

Anonymous said...

I get words and phrases stuck in my head ALL the time. Glad to know I'm not alone in that!

K said...

I get things stuck in my head all the time! YUMMY eats girlie! I'm a big fan of kugel :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, my dear!

Anonymous said...

I get words and songs stuck in my head all the time!!! haha

Love banana chai oats =)

Laci said...

I hear you about the song/words thing, it's the worst when they're just plain stupid, it kinda makes me laugh to my self! ;)
Sorry about the doctor, that's definatly alot like how I felt, so annoying how mine constrantly checked for blood tests, and I actually have high iron levels and healthy blood, thank you very much! Great oats and lunch sammie, it's nice when another person will have the same thing too! :)
Good for you for trying to listening to your body about the snacks! I have a bit of a hard time with that too, like on school days when I'm planning my lunch for the following day I usually plan my snack if I'm not going directly home, but I should start tryig to listen closer to what my body demands and not say, "well, I had a big lunch so I have to have fruit or only a bar for a snack."
Glad your mom seems OK with the blog, I really hope it's helping you like it is me! :D I know I don't want to keep photo-ing my food "FOREVER", but just until I feel comfortable to find a new (more normal) hobby/passion and let ED go once and for all! I know you have the strength in you too! :) Have a good Saturday night hon! ;D

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that your mom is alright with the blog!

And oh wow, I am so scared of blood. Can't even do blood tests myself! -lol-

Breaking Free said...

haha. I totally get weird words and songs stuck in my head all day. Usually it will be songs though, and they will play in my head seriously all day. Annoying but sometimes entertaining. Also embarrassing, especially when it's something I heard from one of my sister's cartoon programs!

Sorry about the blood draw thing. It is kind of a pain. One time I had to get SIX vials of my blood done. That was a little hard.

The microwaved apple looks yummy! I'm going to have to try it. I like to bake them in the over with cinnamon and then top it with warm PB and some oatmeal. SO GOOD!

Glad your mom was understanding about the blogging. I hope you don't quit though!! I love hearing about how you are beating your ED!


Brooke said...

i have to get lab work done every week too, boo! but i know its a positive because our health is very important.

i love your oats! chai tea mix - brilliant! i will have to try this. and i love your afternoon snack! hooray for breaking an ed rule! girly you are amazing :)

sweet dreams!

p.s thank you for the wonderful support and uplifting joy today - love you bunches <3

Megan said...

mmmmm cheesy corn and barley bake??!!??! yum!

i totally just realized that your thing says your from maryland. a fellow Delmarva girl!! ahahha I effing hate that word, Delmarva. but yay for that :)

Maya said...

i have that chai mix,i should use it in my oats..great idea!

aussirish said...

heya hunni, im so glad your mum liked your blog :)
great eats! sorry about the docs, i hate getting blood drawn :(
have a great night,
love you

Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you for coming out of the blogging closet!!! and glad your mum liked the blog too. so, yay!! hahahaha..
that is so cool about the music.. what other bands do you like? do you like bloc party? they are my FAVOURITE BAND!! :)
thank you for the really sweet words in the comment you last left me, really made me rationalize and feel a lot better.
loveee you! xxxx

Burp and Slurp~! said...

YAAY~ I'm so happy your mother liked your blog! it's great to have some support!
oh and CONGRATS on listening to your hunger cues and not being controlled by strict time regimens! I struggle with that too, but it's really stupid and senseless when you think about it. actually, a lot of ED thoughts and habits are crazy and unreasonable.
I just love, love reading about all your different dinners. Love the variety!

Anonymous said...

Glad your mum approved :)
Blood tests suck big time but at least they aren't every week (that left me with arms like a pin cushion!..grrrrr)
I always get words, songs etc stuc in my head too! I also count sometimes....weird I know.
Hope your weekend is going well x

Gina said...

Food looks so yummy!! I can't understand why omnis are anti-tofu...its so good!!! Luckily my family and my husband all like it.

Your eggplant sandwich looks awesome also!