Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lovely weekend!

Evening, blogland. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine went pretty well. Yesterday I had ballet, which went pretty well. No cruddy body-checking, it was just a really physically challenging class. Then afterward I went to Trader Joe's and got lots of yummies. Then to TJMaxx. I sadly didn't buy anything because everything there is either too flashy or too big. I also went to World Market, which is going out of business. It was one of my favorite places to shop because I could get cool international food and clothes there. The shelves were full a month ago, but this is how it looks now:
Darn this economy.

I pretty much just spent the day at home today, doing homework and practicing my music. I did go out grocery shopping though. I feel guilty because my goal for group this week was to socialize this weekend.. but obviously that didn't happen. On the bright side, ED didn't bother me at all!

Yesterday morning I made applesauce Cheerio muffins! I almost cried tears of joy when I found this recipe, because of my infatuation with Cheerios. I used honey nut, of course, and half white wheat flour. They were very fluffy and moist. But the Cheerios disappeared! This always seems to happen when you put cereal in baked goods. There was a nice touch of honey flavor.

And this morning I tried Morgan's yogurt oats. I used 1/3 c plain yogurt and 2/3 c water and they turned out so creamy and 'licious! I topped them with a chopped apple, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a graham cracker. I had other stuff too but this was the only picture I took.

I wasn't too hungry for my AM snack so I had gingerbread tea with milk and two Trader Joe's french twists for dipping. I saw these on Brooke's blog and picked them up yesterday. Her description was spot on, they were like flaky, crispy, cinnamon croissant puffs! Hard to believe that they're butter free.

Lunchikins was a sammich with dill hummus, veggie cream cheese and SPROUTS (my love!). Also plain yogurt with orange marmalade, cauliflower, and a Trek Mix bar.

Snack was popcorn with dark chocolate chips, a nanner, and almonds.

I will talk about dinner from last night because it was special. My mom has been helping me plan our weekly menus now and she suggested that we make one of my sister's favorite foods, mac and cheese. My mom picked this recipe, using long noodles (ACK what are they called??) and it was so good. Cheese exploded from every bite. Had it along with a salad.
It was a challenge to eat something so "decadent" as mac & chese, especially when I didn't pick the recipe. Stupid, but it's also more of a challenge for me to eat short pasta v. spaghetti, because I feel like it's less filling. Anyhow, I only felt a tad bit guilty but it slowly faded as I kept eating all of that cheesy goodness! I figured that every other not E.D.ed person lets themself indulge every once in a while without feeling guilty. It's totally healthy, and I can't expect to ever beat ED if I stick to safe, healthy foods all the time.

I'll talk about tonight's dinner some other time, because it was superb also. Now I need help with something totally non-ED related (I think). There's this boy in my Spanish class who I kind of tutored and helped him get an A for the quarter. Spanish is my best subject so I didn't mind helping this kid (who will be called B.) But now he won't leave me alone! He found me on Facebook, which I only use for outside of school friends. I ignored his FR, but at school, he keeps insisting on doing something to "repay" me for helping him. First he offered a card, then money, then walking me home from school. After I turned down all B.'s offers he passed me a note that says I'm a great friend and we should hang out and gave me his number so I can call him if I "ever want to talk". I DON'T WANT TO CALL HIM! I don't want him to like me, I don't even want to be his friend! He's an okay kid to talk to every once in a while, but I don't want to get close to him because a) We have no common interests. b) He has a girlish personality. My best guy friend is my best guy friend because he's a good listener. I can vent to him without him bringing up his own problem. B. does exactly the opposite. I have enough girlfriends to worry about, I don't need another! c) He kind of reminds me of a beaver.

Wow that was a really long rant. I am dreading class tomorrow because I know he's going to try to talk to me again. I don't know how to tell him to leave me alone without being rude. Crud. Maybe I can get a schedule change?

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Try to enjoy your Mondays tomorrow, if that's even possible!

Oh yes, and the lovely miss Emily passed me this award:
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Sharon said...

Awh, that sucks how they are closing. Economy, eek. Le sigh.

But oh wow to the muffins, smart smart! Love cheerios!

And awwwwwhhhh as for the boy, hahaha, I think the situation is hilarious! Beaver? LOL! But hum, really don't want him to be your friend? Hum, I guess you could just continue to avoid him and all, but he does seem super sweet, lol. I wouldn't be able to resist! HAHAH, anyways though, good job on tutoring him. I wish I knew spanish!! =D

Sorry, I'm not much help! LOL

Jess :) said...

Too bad about the closing :( That really does stink! Those muffins look super yummy, but the oatmeal looks DIVINE! I have some plain yogurt and I think I shall make some sometime :) Thanks!
<3 jess :)

Jess :) said...

Oh and about the boy, is there any way you can talk to him and explain to him that you aren't looking for..i don't know, another friend? Tough situation. I am sorry! I am sure everything will be fine though!

Stef said...

LOL beaver boy? I love how you wrote that in small font. How sad that your Cost Plus is going out of business :( I love that store too but I haven't gone in forever! I've never heard of baking with Cheerios, sounds fun! Don't beat yourself up about not socializing, I think not letting ED bug you is an even bigger achievement! I'm so happy ballet wasn't triggering for you yesterday, I know you've had a hard time the past few weeks!

Stef said...

THANKS for the award, btw! Luv u girl!

Anonymous said...

That mac and cheese looks sooo good (: You're right, we've GOT to treat ourselves to "unhealthy" food every once in a while - 'tis only healthy!

I'm so glad you had a soopah weekend (:

Oo. The boy. A toughie. I guess if you really don't wanna be his friend you've got your reasons for it...hmm. I guess keep trying to ignore him? Eventually he'll catch on.

Thanks sooo much for your support yesterday Kiki <3

I got back on track (:

ED kickin' booty time!!

Anonymous said...

oh kiki - you make me laugh so hard. he looks like a beaver. hahah I can only imagine!

good for you for challenging yourself! Your don't fantastic!!!
have a great evening!

ps thanks for the award :)

Jess :) said...

Ooooh thanks Kiki!!! :D

Nancy said...

I know I sound mean, but your third reason in regards of B is HILARIOUS! Omg, and it's totally legitimate!

Goodness gracious! I never knew you could bake with cereal! How does it work? Do the cheerios just kind of melt? I think that's awesome baking! I should try one day.

Aww, it does suck when a favorite store loses its business. I remember loving Bi-Way (no one knows what it is LOL!) so much when I was a wee little Nancy, and the day it decided to close and turn into Wal-Mart, I was devasted! I hope you'll find a similar store like World Market! I also love store that have a variety of international things.

I'm glad ballet wasn't bad! I have ballet tomorrow and I'm hoping that I will also have a good class like you!

Anna said...

Oh man is it rough when the boys just won't leave you alone. It sounds like he's developed a little bit of a crush as well as a desire to be a friend. I guess you should just try and avoid him as much as possible. I hope that your cold shoulder will eventually deter him and he'll get the hint that you're not at all interested. He shouldn't want to spend time with someone who so obviously doesn't want to be with him.

Lexi said...

Great eats!! And great job challenging yourself with the mac n cheese. That's definitely one of my goals, I remember it being so yummy!

Have a lovely night

Anonymous said...

Oo I forgot to say thanks for the award love!

Aubrey Nicole Lee said...

Wow, I totally admire you for being brave to have those eats (which looks sooo good!) and pasta (a hting that I avoid due to ED). Maybe one of thse days, I'll be brave like you to try something decadent too. I'll ask my mom too, you know, they are the best persons to help us in this kind of situations.

About the guy, I was kinda amused with him. haha. Anywa, thta's good if you htink that you ahve better and true friends, butit's not that bad to have a new one right?

SO far, good job honey (also with the ballet, for not criticizing ur bod on that leotards. I used to do ballet too, and it pressures me to stay slim). Keep it up ;)

XOXO, Aubrey

Laci said...

YOu inspired me to make PB Puffin muffins... but I made blondies! The blodie part turned out pretty good, but like you said the puffin was soggy and chewy, not crunchy :( oh well, something to keep trying! Good job with the mac and cheese! I am so proud of you hon, beating Ed one step at a time! :) For me (and many people with an ED) the challenge was letting go of counting and using oil without measuring but eyeballing. I don't drench neither do I limit to a tsp. besides it's heart healthy and makes things like veggies and baked goods tast better!:D Oooo sorry that "beaveR" boy seems to be hitting on you! It's nice that he likes you yet it's annoying HE likes you! Maybe you can try to calmly explain you're not interested by implying such while givving him a quick but honest chat, one on one? :0 Aw thanks for th award hon! :) E-mail me whenever you want! :D

aussirish said...

hi hun
aw sorry about the boy situation, it sounds to me like he likes you alot!! maybe continue avioding him, im sure hell get the message soon!
great eats :) haha cherio muffins, your so cute!
have a great night

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the store :( Those kind of places have the best dishware too!

LOVE sprouts on sammies! Nice and crunchy :) HAHA he reminds you of a beaver - that's funny!

Have a great Monday, girlie!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

wow, a stalker, eh? how creepy. but I totally understand. how can anyone resist a cute girl like you? haha!
WAAAAH!! I can't believe world's market is closing down! what is happening to america while I am away?
oh, and HIP HIP HOORAY on the delicious decadent mac and cheese! you're amazing!

Megan said...

boys are so lame. seriously haha, they cannot take a hint!! i've definitely been in your shoes and a few times, i've just been totally fed up and i've confronted the boy and just made it clear i wasnt interested. but then you run the risk of feeling guilty and hurting his feelings. so i'd just say keep ignoring him and hopefully he will take a hint.

i love muffins!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks Kiki ^___^

Anonymous said...

WOW... what a heaping bowl of oats. Looks delicious!! I love Cost Plus too... so sad they are closing.

Tori said...

Wow, you are so creative - cheerios muffins? That's so different, but they sound yummy.
I've totally been there on the boy issues. Honestly, the best thing to do is to be upfront with him. I've found in the long run - it seems to hurt them more if you let them continually chase after you (even if you are blatantly ignorning them - sometimes they think you are playing hard-to-get).
BTW - I am fairly certain the pasta you had was rigatoni. You know whats funny - I find spaghetti to actually be the most challenging for me out of all pastas. Well, thats to the exlusion of things like lasagne and ravioli or other stuffed pasta. Anyways, I just found it interesting that spaghetti was actually easier for you. Weird how ED affects everyone in the same way, but differently, yes?
Congrats on challenging yourself, and pulling through so well. Even though it was a challenging dinner - it still sounds like it was quite yummy as well as being a healthier-version of mac and cheese. I actually had thought on that being one of my next challenges for myself. And now, you've inspired me to really do it ^.^

katecooks said...

i didnt know they were closing! is it all the stores & are there at least some good deals? i might have to investigate!

about the boy, i don't think you should be mean or anything (karma really exists!!) but you definitely shouldn't put yourself in an awkward position if you don't want to be there. don't feel like you have to hang out or call him if you really don't want to!!! it's okay not to want to LOL

Lauryn said...

OH NO, so sad about the closing! Ugh, you're not joking about the economy ruining everything!

LOVE that you enjoyed your mac and cheese without guilt -- YOU GO GIRL! you just rock, Kiki, I hope you know that! =)