Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shrinking wrappers!

Hello, all. Thanks for the stellar boy advice.. I feel bad for saying he reminds me of a beaver! When did I become so mean? Anyway, yesterday he was really starting to get on my nerves. Like "What did you get on the test? A 94%? Hur hur har har huuuuuur of course." Then he asked how he could repay me for helping him get a B on the test, and I just said he couldn't and turned away. I think he got it because today he wasn't so eager to talk to me. Hopefully it'll last!

And for the record, not all World Market stores are going out of business. I'm pretty sure that it's just the one near me. But it's probably an indication of how all the other stores are doing...

The only part of breakfast that I have a picture of is this Zbar. I absentmindedly stuck the wrapper in with the bar in the microwave. I heard a really loud ZAP noised and realized what I'd done. I opened the microwave really fast, and look what happened! Whoops.

I shouldn't even post lunch anymore because it's so repetitive. But it was a sunflower seed + cran apple butter sammich, cauliflower, Trek Mix bar, and TJ's French Village yogurt. I'm sick of eating cauliflower. It's not even helping, my hands are still orange!

This afternoon I went with my favorite snack of CC and applesauce on a whole wheat English muffin, a nectarine (which my father bought and I only ate because it was going bad, hate unseasonable fruit!) and PB.

Okay, NOW I'll share the dinner I had on Sunday because I used part of it in tonight's dinner. I made Sicilian lentil pasta sauce. This was the best pasta sauce ever! Very "meaty" and hearty. Go make it. On Sunday I had it over angle hair pasta. My mom insisted on using real, white pasta, and I just went with it. Yayy! With kale chips.

So tonight I used the leftover sauce to make a barley bowl, a la Sophia! Greek Italian fusion, I suppose? I combined 1 c cooked barley, splash of EVOO, 1/4 c feta, the rest of the sauce, and kalamata olives. Not attractive, but yumskies. With a nanner, and a cute mini New Tree mint dark chocolate. Tasted like a Thin Mint!

I ate that in the car on the way from cello to therapy. Therapy didn't go as badly as I expected it to. My therapist asked to see a post/comments from the blog. So I printed out my post and the comments from March 20th, minus the url (don't need her spying on me!) She seemed pleased with it, for the most part. She was happy that even though I have an iffy relationship with food, I'm still able to get pleasure out of making new recipes/discovering new foods. Therapist also pointed out how well I was able to connect with all of you! We agreed that one of the many causes of my ED was not having a group of people that I felt like I belonged to, so we're both happy that blogging is a place where I feel I fit in. I love you all, just to add. She said that since I'm able to show my personality and form relationships with people online so well, I should actually try it in real life! Which is a valid argument. It's so much harder for me to talk to people at my school because they don't share the same problems and feelings as my readers do.

Right now, I'm munching on a thin mint. Gotta get that chocolate fix!

Goodnight, lovelies!


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

ahh haha girl that is too funny about the wrapper mishap this morning - don't worry.. it happesn to the best of us! I once put aluminmum foil in the micro - not good!

your dinner looks awesome and CONGRATS on the pasta girlie! Hope you enjoyed it =).

have a great night kiki! love ya <3 xoxo

p.s. thin mints are my favorite! good choice!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I micro-ed a Luna wrapper once! It sparked-- yipes!

Jess :) said...

I hate when that happens! ZAP and you turn around and say "DANGGG IT!" Haha, but it's happened to me before ;) Jk, it so has. Microwaves can be annoying-but oh so helpful as well! Love all your eats and I am so glad therapy went well! I am glad your therapist liked your blog post+comment as well. That's awesome :) She's right though-I am sure there are girls at your school who are into the same stuff you are into. Kiki, thanks so much for the comment too. Have an AWESOME night!
<3 jess :)

Nancy said...

Oh dear, I've microwaved so many things with metal on them...One more time, and I would probably be banned from being near a microwave again.

Have a good night too! :)

Laci said...

I microd a Z-bar and I thought it was going to explode! Woopsees... ;) Hope that boy will stay off your back :P Don't eat anything unless Kiki REALLY wants to- not like she feels she HAS to because of ED like the coliflour- change it up a bit, one day carrots with hummus, another day cucumbers with a creamy dip- the next red bell pepper strips with a vinegarette :) Congrats for the regular pasta- this is a huge challenge for many people with an ED ( besides binge?) and your lentil sauce/barley pilaf sounds yummmers, I <3 mint choco too! (but not as much as cherry choco!)
Love yas Kiki, enjoy your Wed. much love! ;)

xoxox Laci

Lexi said...

Awesome Eats!!!

Sharon said...

Glad overall, we are a group that you can share your problems and such with! =D

And you are too cute with the boy, lol, soooorrrryy. But awhhhh. Anyways, definitely love your eats!!!

Stef said...

You're brave to share the fact that you have a blog with your T! I don't think I'll ever tell mine...lol nobody I know in "real life" knows I have one! Good thing your micro didn't explode or anything crazy! I know what you mean about feeling like you fit in with the blogging community better than you do with people elsewhere! But at least you can see that you are a fun, interesting, LOVABLE person who people want to know and be friends with! I'm sure that will translate into friendships at your school too :)

Brooke said...

i once did the same thing to a clif z bar! oops :D

congratulations on your beautiful pasta! that is a great success! and your greek barley bowls looks delicious. i love kalamata olives and feta!

and a thin mint! i cant remember the last time i enjoyed a girl scout cookie, sad. but way to go girly! (have ever tried freezing a thin mint? i used to do that when i was in brownies, so yummy that way!)

im also glad your therapy appt. went well - it sounds like your therapist is really starting to understand how blogging has made such an incredible impact on your recovery and spirit. i have yet to talk about my blog with anyone on my treatment team...

have a wonderful wednesday! love you <3

Anonymous said...


I'm glad the therapist saw how great this community is (:

And girl, I would totes put the wrapper in the microwave too.

I'm surprised I haven't before.

But it's something that would happen to me.


Aubrey Nicole Lee said...

hey girl! glad that your are doing well right now! good eats means that you are doing good in eating normally. I totally envy you. you're 5 years younger than me but you are doing really well.

much love, Aubrey ;)

Anonymous said...

I once put a plate in the micro without realizing it had a metal trim on it...oops!

I have totally given up on cutting out orange foods...I embrace my orange color! haha

I'm so happy your therapist could see the good in blogging. Horray!

lesley said...

Haha, I've done my fair share of microwaving things that shouldn't be microwaved :s!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man - the micro can be dangerous! Haha one time I didn't realize there was metal on one of my mugs! It lit up like a firecracker!!

Yay pasta and thin mints!! Have you ever tried thin mints frozen?! YUM!!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Breaking Free said...

OH Kiki that's awful about your z-bar!! And kind of funny...
I did that once with a Kashi bar at work. I put it into the microwave for like 5 seconds and I swear I saw lightning in the next instant! It was so scary!! And my Kashi bar had practically turned into mush. I also did that with a coffee mug once, except this time I walked away while it was cookin. OMG!! Suddenly I started smelling smoke and when I ran back in there was smoke pouring out of the microwave and the handle of the mug had completely melted. I was horrified!!

And don't even get me started about how many things I have ruined because I forgot that the stovetop burner was on....plastic bags, plastic steamers, glass dish....yeah...I shouldn't even be allowed in the kitchen. One of these days I just know I'm going to burn down the house!

Oh about this boy...I think he likes you :) And no, I don't think your being mean about him. I had the same thing happen to me when I was in school. This one guy (who I actually ended up being friends with later on) was seriously like my stalker! He would always follow me everywhere and hang around me and was so clingy!! It got to be so annoying that I would go out of my way just to avoid him!! So I completely understand!

Hope your day goes well!
Love and hugs!

aussirish said...

hi girlie,
i think its awesome your therapist thinks the blog is a good idea, i think having a blog and this great community is such a help in so many ways!
haha the wrapper mistake is funny, im glad the bar didnt get ruined :)
ooo that dinner looks great!
have a wonderful night sweetie,
love you

Anonymous said...

wow, white pasta? GREAT JOB girl!
and another big WOW on the dinner! who is the genius who inspired it? hahahahaha! but your creation is awesome! I'd love to try that sometime! it's added to my list of "Mix-it-up" bowl ideas!
btw, I switched to wordpress!

Kate said...

i did the micro thing with a mug once...it sparked like crazy!!! now i am super cautious about it, but i'm sure i will forget one day LOL

emily. said...

Sorry about the wrapper! I once put in a plastic container that clearly said "DO NOT MICROWAVE!" and it melted. Needless to say, there was a giant lump of hot, melty plastic that I had to clean up!

Mmm, yummy look dinner+barley bowl.

I totally understand what you mean about not being able to relate to people at your school- I feel the same way! I always think they won't understand what I think or feel. The community here is such a big help though!

Have a great day, girlie. <3

Anonymous said...

oh kiki that lentil pasta sauce sounds just delicious :)
and of course the zbar is just amazing!