Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Armadillo?? I hate inventing clever titles.

Evening, lovelies! Thank you all for the support and welcome back you gave me after my last post!

Today has been pretty good except when I was walking home from school I got my house key stolen from me! I accidentally left the back pocket of my backpack open a little, and I think my key must've been hanging out a bit. I felt a tug on my shoulders and then this kid ran out from behind me with my key in his hands. By the time I realized what he'd done he was already 20 ft. ahead of me and I wasn't going to make a fool of myself running after him! I live in such a lovely town. But why? What is the point of stealing someone's key if you don't even know where they live? Thankfully we have a key hidden in my yard so I was able to let myself in that way.

Okay, ze eats! This morning, I tried Jemima's lemon oats! They were amazing, as if there was any question about that. Very creamy, and a perfect balance between tart and sweet. I used regular raisins and topped it with a few bluebs and it worked well. Jemima is a genius!

AM snack was almonds, and lunchikins was: A pecan-walnut butter and cran apple butter sammich, cauliflower, a Zbar, and a Chobby Wob. Mehh, I'm not a nut butter and jelly girl.

After school, I had yogurt with strawberries and pretzels dipped in PW butter. I got the pretzels at Whole Foods this weekend. They used to be a fear food but they're so delish!

Dinnaahh was eaten in the car on the way to therapy (which I'm getting to..). I made tofu "egg" salad using 1/4 block firm tofu, 1 tbs OO mayo, and generous sprinkles of dill, garlic powder, pepper, and poultry seasoning. I ate some of it over lettuce, and the rest I spread on a WW english muffin. T'was yummy, one of my favorite things to do with tofu. I also had half a nanner with sunflower seed butter and some carrots.

On Sunday night, I split a sweet and sara vegan s'more with my mommy. I was so proud of myself for eating this. At first I was thinking that I never would because it doesn't have nutrition info on it and is pure sugar. But I warmed it in the micro and my fears melted away!

And as part of my snack yesterday, I tried a goji moji Weil bar. I quite like Weil bars. It doesn't say so on the packaging, but I think Weils are raw and have short ingredient lists like larabars. This bar was delicious! I liked the big chunks of cashews, crunch crunch. I have a hard time identifying goji berries by taste in bars because I've never eaten one raw, but you could clearly see the dried fruit in every bite. Not tart like certain Lara flavors.

Sooo tonight I had to go to therapy with my mom. For the record, I hate my therapist and the treatment center I go to. They are way to focused on weight and treat me like a walking eating disorder. In my session tonight, my therapist was criticizing me for being too controlling of our dinner menu. I know I'm too controlling, and as you'll read later, I'm working on it. But when I or my mom tried to bring up the progress I've been making lately, she ignored it and continued to badger me on why I was so afraid of losing control. It makes me so angry that she pushes me so hard, yet won't even acknowledge the steps I've taken to beat ED! Arg I HATE HER! But after therapy my mom and I had a nice little discussion. We both agreed that I need to relax when it comes to dinner menu- planning, so next week we're going to start planning it together. This way, I won't have to take on huge fear foods all of a sudden, but I'll still be getting out of my comfort zone and eating less than my "ideal" menu.

Good night!


Jemima said...

Firstly - Yay for lemon oats!! I'm so happy you made it! :-) *does dance*

Secondly - I had an experience with a therapist like that! It sucks. She hated me as much as I hated her though - eventually I just stopped turning up to appointments and she never even called to ask why I hadn't gone.. mwahaha. BUT you were still able to bring something positive out of it by having that chat with your Mum so well done you! I find it hard to relinquish control over my meals too, though very very occasionally I let my mum cook for me.. I need to work on that more.

So happy you're feeling up to posting :') I hate it when you're sad!

Jess :) said...

Hey you! Yes, Jemina is a foodie genius. I cannot wait to try that oatmeal..mmm! Sorry therapy isn't going well. Is there any way you can switch??? Love the foods. Have a great night!
<3 jess :)

emily. said...

Yay! So glad you posted today. :)

Chobby Wob! I had the same flavor yesterday. I mixed in a little extra honey and it was better than usual.

Those oats look delicious too. I must try them soon.

Aww, sorry your therapist is a meanie. I thought they were supposed to make you feel better, not worse! She sounds evil.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the night! :)

lesley said...

I really like Weil bars but haven't tried that kind yet ... I'm gonna have to do so!

Sharon said...

Awh, sorry to hear about the key being stolen. Boo.

But your day's eats are delicious. I really want to try Sara's products! I saw them online!

Erin said...

hi pretty AHHH JEMIMA ISSSSSS A GENIUS! I NEEED TO TRY THOSE OATS .. but i'm WAY too lazy to go buy a lemon.
perhaps ovver the weekend heheheh

gotta fly but


your dinner looks fab
tofu salad?!

<3 love love love ya

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to make those oats too!! YUMMY!

So sorry about the therapist =( Is there any way you can change to a different one?

tinyirishdancer said...

Stoopid kids.
Though I would've ran aftah tha liddle bugga and shown him a lesson.
Or two.

...let us concede that he is lucky I wasn't there.

Mhmm! Yummy oaties! Jemima is something of an oatmeal goddess, I concur.
Oh, and that PW buttah? You know you're gonna share summadat with moi, right?

Well, you have no say. =]
(Just as, apparently, I have no say in the raiding of my fro-yo. *grumblegrumble*)

Ooh. Smore-y goodness! I'm proud of you for moving out of ED's box of safety and into more delicious territory.

But GAH. Your therapist sounds like a beezy.
Pardon my french.
I'm glad you had that discussion with your mum, though. It's important to be fleeeeexible.

Have a beauteous evening, girlie! *infinite huggles*

Anonymous said...

Aw Kiki! Sorry about your key! What kind of an idiot steals someone's KEY just like that anyway? Like, what the hey will he use it for if he doesn't know where you live??

It's so great that you no longer fear pretzels - they are quite delish, aren't they?

I'm sorry to hear about your therapist - I think having a good relationship with your therapist is super important! At least your mom is there for you, and I'm glad you guys got to talk things out with regards to the dinner menu. Compromise is a great thing (: But is there any way you could switch to a different therapist?

Have a great night girly!

Lauryn said...

such lovely, amazing eats today! lemon oats sound perfectly wonderful!

so sorry about your therapy session, do you think you can find someone new?! at least YOU recognize that you're doing things right, that's SO important! keep on fighting, girl!

Brooke said...

jemima's lemon oats look incredible! i must make these tomorrow :) and pretzels were once a fear food of mine too! but as of last week i magically introduced them into my meal plan again. go us!

im sorry about your therapist sweetie. that is the worst situation! but i can relate to control over dinner. i cook for myself 95% of the time. but i do plan my meals out with my parents and we both agree on very similar meals (if the not the same) meals. i think an equal balance of control is perfectly normal! your therapist has no idea how much progress you have made. how sad! but good for you for enjoying that delicious s'mores! in her face! haha :)

love you! have a great day @ school tomorrow - hopefully without anything getting stolen! (so sorry about that!)

Stef said...

Stupid key-stealing-hooligans!
Those lemon oats sound great, I want to try them soon!
I'm sorry your therapist sounds like such a loser...she's clearly not helpful or effective! Have you talked to your mom about getting a new therapist? Don't let her incompetence discourage you from getting the GOOD treatment you deserve...you'll find someone who works great with you!

margarida said...

i'm so glad for you, you're eating so well :) i really like to see you in a good mood swettie!


Maya said...

great lemon oats! jemima is so creative:) you have made so much progress!! its incredible. love you!

nourishing mornings said...

i need to try those jemima lemon oats! great job with that yummy looking s'more! i hate therapists too, your not alone:)

aussirish said...

hi hun
great eats and im so proud of you for enjoying that brownie :)
aw im sorry about the key being stolen...i hate ppl who steal, my purse was stolen last week so i know how you feel.
im sorry your therapist is so annoying but your mum seems really great, im glad shes there supporting you :)
have a nice night
much love

Jemima said...

The comments in this post mean my head is now so swollen, I may possibly be at my target weight already.

Love you guys ;-) xxxxx

Pammy said...

You are doing awesome!!! i am really proud of you for the s'more!!! keep challenging yourself.

could you find a new therapist? im a strong believer that your should enjoy going to therapy. otherwise- whats the point

Laci said...

Oh dear, I know the feling of hating therepy... I think it's vital depending on what stage the person in recovery i going through... You've DEFINATLY made SOOO much progress, I can't see why she wouldn't recognise that... congrats to the smores, my mum purchased me a vegan lemon maple frosted carrot cake for my b-day today (w/o nutrition facts or listed ingtretients) an I can't wait to try it! Hope you have a good Wednesday, much love ;)

Burp and Slurp~! said...

urgh, what a horrible therapist! want me to kick her for you?
but at least you and your mom came to a good compromise on the dinner menu! sounds like you have a great, understanding, and supportive mom!

Anonymous said...

How random that someone would steal your house key!! That's odd!

Yummy eats - Chobs, PBJ (even if you didn't like it!), tofu egg salad!

I think it's great that your mom is on your side and you two have a plan set out. Your therapist however doesn't sound very helpful at all!