Friday, January 23, 2009


Meaning, I've had a very accomplished day. Aside from eating, I did yoga, practiced pointe for ballet (starts again tomorrow, yay!), finished the book I was reading and finished the last of my puzzle.

Psh, 1000 pieces is nothing. That big chunk of blue sky was quite tricky though. This was a cool puzzle to do because it's like an "I Spy" type thing. There are watches and combs and toothbrushes etc. hidden everywhere. Puzzles are great, they're my #1 distraction when ED is bugging me.

For breakfast, I started with some plain yogurt, and apple, and a warmed up cinnamon raisin Gnu bar. Gnu bars aren't my favorite, but this is the best flavor!

Then a yumtastic bowl of oatmeal. I cooked it with 1/2 c Holly Nog and 1/2 c water, then chopped in a banana a la Kath. I topped it with frozen blueberries.
For lunch I wanted a sammich, but didn't want just peanut butter. So I googled vegetarian sandwich ideas, and came to this page. I liked the sound of the first one for an asian pita, but I had no pita bread so I just used WW potato bread. I used the PB option and only used half the soy sauce. For veggies, I used shredded carrots, spinach, onion and green bell pepper. I wish I had more asian veggies but this was super yummy nonetheless! Great savory sandwich.

Since last week's cauliflower experiment went over so well, I decided that I needed to try another. I made this recipe for Cauliflower and Cheese Puff. It was v. yummy, but didn't "puff" much. I used monterrey jack cheese and whole wheat bread crumbs instead of challah. I lurve cauliflower!
Had it with some TJ's butternut squash soup and toast

Question: How much water do you girls drink? Because I drink like 12 glasses a day, and I don't know if it's normal considering how most people struggle to get in the recommended eight. It seems as if i get thirsty after every bite I eat. It's not a big concern of mine, it was just on my mind. I hope all of you had wonderful Fridays!


Anonymous said...

That sammich looks delicious! I don't have regular PB so I think chocolate PB would taste funny but I guess I will just have to pick some up from the store.

I drink water all day long, it's the only thing I drink usually. Your supposed to drink 1/2 your body weight in oz everyday but I'm pretty sure I double that!

Taylor said...

Your so lucky- starting pointe on Monday! I wish I was still in dance :) Miss it so much, enjoy it!

Your sammich looks so yummy! Is ww potato bread like reg. bread? Whats the difference?

I drink so much water! I'm a camel!

Jess :) said...

I don't think that drinking lots of water is a bad thing, but I think it is when you are only doing it because your ED says you should or something like that. Other than that, it's healthy to drinks lots of water! (although there is such thing as too much!) Mmm, what great eats today! :) Have an awesome night and don't you just love yoga?
<3 jess :)

Anonymous said...

i drink water a lot too so don't worry!

I really like your sandwich creation. I should definitely try it ;] thanks for the idea girl!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

You're eats are just fabulous Kiki! I am super impressed!

in response to your question i drink a BUTTLOAD of water! I definitely dont think it's a bad thing as you as you drink it because you enjoy it and not because it is some silly ED rule to drink 12 glasses!

have a great night love - woo, it's the weekend! <3

Sharon said...

Whoa, that sandwich looks so amazing! I want it!

And great job with the puzzle!

Erin said...

hey! your blog is so nice! i just started one up tonight & have no clue how to work this whole deal!

good luckkk with everything!



Breaking Free said...

Sounds like some great eats today! Puzzles are definitely a great way to keep your mind busy. I like to do crosswords and cryptoquips every day. Use should try them, they are loads of fun!! Thanks for your comment earlier, it really helps to have some support! BTW I tried your recipe for carrot cake oats this morning for my breakfast! I was a little scared (not because of ED) but because the last time I used cinnamon and spices in recipe I ended up ODing on the cinnamon and creating the most awful shake in the entire universe! But this oatmeal was SO GOOD! I am going to eat it more often! As for the water drinking, I usually have about 1 and 1/2 glasses with every meal. Sometimes I drink more, sometimes less, but I try to drink a lot throughout the day. Before I was drinking so much water that I had to go to the bathroom like every hour! So now I don't drink as much. Stay strong girl!

Brooke said...

oh my goodness i love your sandwich idea! i must try this. but i agree with you - i find my vegetarian sandwich ideas to be very repetitive! thanks for the link :)

i dont drink enough water! i would maybe 2-3 cups a day? but thats because i am trying to eat more (i get full very easily) so i have to watch my zero calorie fluid intake according my nutritionist.

p.s i love puzzles! we always have a 1000 piece puzzle to work on in the winter. they are so much fun!

Maya said...

great eats! i had that gnu bar too yeestarday! great sammie,sounds delicious!

nourishing mornings said...

love your sandwich idea im so making that! and that gnu bar is my favorite! i drink about 3 cups of water a day and tea a lot...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiki!! Puzzles are such a fun idea I havent done them since i was sooo young, where do you get yours from? I want to have a go at some :)
the water question: when i was underweight and also when I was gaining i used to be thirsty ALL THE TIME and i'd drink like a litre of water as soon as i woke up.. i still drink loads now but since i drink lots of herbal teas its not ALL plain water.
i think people struggle to drink 8 glasses sometimes because they drink so much coffee/coke/juice/milk etc... that's what my family reach for when they are thirsty, which seems ridiculous to me but to other people it's totally normal.
ps. you know that chickpea and peanut butter dish... my dad keeps begging me for the recipe! hahahah :)

aussirish said...

hi hun,
eats looks so good :)
i drink ALOT of water a day...over 2 litres of pure water and then coffee etc.
yay for finishing the puzzle :)
love u

Anonymous said...

Wow, delicious eats.
Way to go on finishing the puzzle. I somehow can never find the patience to do one. >_<

I usually drink at least ten cups of water everyday, now that I think about it. Usually I don't think anything of it, it varies from day to day. I drink when I'm thirsty, which is a first because I still don't connect to the hungry feeling, even after a whole year. So...yeah...water. ^_^

Burp~! said...

I actually try not to drink too much because I'll get bloated. you don't actually really need 8 glasses of water, because we can get enough water from the food we eat. but just listen to your body and if you're thirsty, drink up!
yum, your sammie looks so delicious, esp that cauliflower puff! LOVE cauliflower, too~

Mel said...

girl, i love your food experiments-- that cauliflower dish looks goooood! and i barely drink anything... it's a horrible habit, i MAYBE get two glasses a day, if I'm lucky. gotta work on that!! happy saturday :-)

alaina said...

i used to do puzzles all the time! lately my obsession is crosswords. they make me feel smart ;)

i tend to drink 8-10 glasses a day (like 12 oz size glasses). mostly just cuz i'm thirsty, but in the afternoon sometimes i'll just chug it because it keeps me from getting super sleepy after my morning caffeine high (i'm trying to eliminate my afternoon jolt)