Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Maintenance Diet

I realize that I've never actually posted a full day of food. I usually just post the most interesting things I eat. But today, I'll join Jemima and post all my eats. I eat around 2700 cals a day to maintain my weight, as a result of eating 3300+ to gain weight. I can do some sort of light exercise, like yoga or walking, while eating this amount and not lose weight. Let's start with the most important meal of the day!

I liked the tofacos I made the other night so much, I decided to just eat the filling as a tofu scramble.

I also had an apple

And carrot cake oats!

After cooking my oatmeal as usual, I added 8 shredded baby carrots, dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg, 2 tbs chopped walnuts, 1 dried fig, and 1 tbs plain yogurt mixed with a bit of maple syrup for "frosting". Yum yum yum.

For my AM snack, I had an apple pie larabar, one of my favorite flavors.

At lunch, I was just trying to use up the last of the tofu in the fridge! I hate wasting food. I made a mock.. egg salad (or chicken or tuna? I don't know the difference) sammich. I mashed maybe an eighth of a block of tofu with 1/4 cup chickpeas, 1 tbs olive oil mayo, sprinkles of garlic powder, dried dill and poultry seasoning, and a splash of lemon juice.
I had it with carrots, a bowl of plain yogurt, and a new Kashi fruit and grains bar! Dark chocolate coconut flavor.
Bar review: One word. Amazing! I was expecting the dark chocolate to be a hard, crunchy glaze on top of the bar. Instead, it was more like.. fudge! There was a nice hint of coconut too. The only cons to it were that it was a bit small, and there weren't enough walnuts.

For my snack, I had pumpkin yogurt. Plain yogurt mixed with canned pump and cinnamon&nutmeg. I accidentally put cumin in instead of nutmeg! So I had to use lots of cinnamon.
I also had some almonds, a pomegranate fruit leather from Target, and an orange.

For dinner I made sundried tomato and spinach fritattas. Individual fritattas, they were too cute!
I also had a clementine and two slices of toast w/ butter.
For my snacks tonight, I've had (and plan on having) a mint-chocolate luna tea cake, a candy cane, almonds, and a banana.

There you have it! 2700 calories. I hope this helps some people in need of a high-calorie meal plan. Typically I don't eat so many bars, but I hadn't been to the grocery store in a while so I was short on real food.

I'm kind of upset now. My dad was looking at these two fancy chocolate bars that I got him for Christmas. I picked them out especially for him. He said "Are these mine? I'm on a diet this year, you can have them." Grrr! This annoyed me for two reasons. a) He doesn't even remember that I'm the one who got him those and b) He makes it sound like just because he's watching what he's eating, little "treats" like chocolate are off limits. This was very triggering for me. He doesn't understand me or my ED at all. This is why our relationship is messed up. He knows it's messed up. If he doesn't want to put in the effort to remember what his daughter got him for Christmas, fine. Fine fine. Super fine.

P.S. I just got my camera, why are my pictures so blurry? I used close up mode and all. Tips?


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yummy eats-- you're doing great girl :o)

Sharon said...

Awh, sorry to hear about the situation with your dad, but I'm sure he meant no harm when he simply refused.

Anonymous said...

oh YUM! kashi coconut chocolate bars!! I've never heard of those..sounds awesome..sorry to hear about your dad, I know what you mean but from our perception it probably seemed like that..but im sure he didnt mean it!

Jess :) said...

I am gonna look for those bars tomorrow! I am sorry about you and your dad's relationship. I bet he meant no harm by that phrase...sometimes guys say things and they don't even realize they are saying it/what implications it might inhibit. I hope you have a lovely night and delish eats!!!

Dommi said...

Heya, girl! What a great post! I always love seeing what other people eat in a day. You must have a high metabolism, girly, to eat 2700 kcal for maintenance... I do, too. It's a hard thing to accept in recovery from an eating disorder, but after awhile, you kind of adjust to giving your body what it really needs. At least that's how it was for me :]

Great eats as always, girly! I love the individual frittatas... too cute!! I also really like how you made your mock egg salad... I've seen a couple of variations of this on vegan recipe websites, but the way you made it seems the best. I'd definitely like to try that :]


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Oh I had an apple pie larabar today too girl! delish! <3

Burp~! said...

aw, sorry abt your dad...but as we all know, dads just aren't known to be the most intuitive and sensitive beings on earth...but gotta love them for that, too, what else can we do?
I'm curious: how did you figure out your maintenance calorie amount? trial and error?
oh and as usual, great eats!

dollymixtures said...

Yay this is an awesome help to me :D

Your food looks so good! Well done girlie!
And I can relate to you on the dad thing - my dad is now on a "no chocolate, no alcohol, no bread" diet for a month. He does this all the time, it's so pointless because after the month he just consumes the same amounts of beer and chocolate again and puts it all back on! Ughhh parents, eh? lol love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

kiki, you are so adorable and your lil eats are super cute! i need to learn to be able to eat smaller and more frequent meals. it's one of my biggest challenges right now. thank you so much for posting this. it's really going to help me. & i'm so sorry about your dad. i completely understand when parents don't understand, but YOU'RE doing sooo incredibly well! and thank you for all those comments :)

Maya said...

first of al,iam jealous:) and wow amazing eats,i love everything!thats graet you maintain on so high due to the re feeding process.

nourishing mornings said...

wonderful eats kiki! you are so lucky to have such a high maintenance i hope i can get there one day you are an inspiration!

Amira said...

sorry bout your dad, that sucks!
Thanks for the whole day of eats, very interesting!
Carrot cake oats sounds fantastic!!
How did you work out how many calories you needed, I'd love to be able to figure what i needed to gain or lose or whatevere thanks

aussirish said...

heya girlie,
yummy eats..all looks fantastic :)
aw im sorry about ur dad being like that but im sure he jus didint think it wd upset or tirgger you. mayb try talking to him and explain so he knows in future ??
hope u have a great day,
love ya