Friday, January 30, 2009

Tigger Glows In Florescents

I realized that I title most Friday posts either TGIF, or Thanks goodness it's Friday. Now that has changed because I've come up with a new phrase for TGIF to stand for! Tigger glows in florescents. I feel like I spelled that wrong, but oh well.

Again, thank you all for the support! I feel like I say that all the time but it's because you girls are just so amazing and give wonderful advice! The thing about coming to a compromise with my dad is that he doesn't really know I still have food issues. When I started recovery, I was so relieved that I didn't have to starve myself and overexercise anymore that I just.. ate, with no problem. There were a couple meals where you could tell that I was having trouble eating, but I have never flatly refused to eat something. And since I'm manipulative and plan a lot of the family meals, there isn't really an opportunity to see me have trouble eating. All the challenge foods I eat, I mentally prepare myself for so I know I can eat whatever it is. So to say the least, my dad would be very surprised if I said that I didn't feel comfortable eating his darn enchiladas and could I please eat a bite and then have just some salad instead? I have a feeling that this is going to happen anyway but the thought of it makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall. BANG!

Okay okay, ze eats. Breakfast was the last of the banana muffins :[, eggy doodle, apple and antioxidant oats. Blueberries, chopped almonds (plus 3 for garnish) and dark choco chips. Yum-o.

Lunch was usual PB sammich, yogurt, carrots and oatmeal bar. As part of my snack this afternoon, I had a big pile of lentil dip with whole wheat cheddar bunnies. I have pretty much been eating this dip non-stop since I made it. My dad and sister haven't eaten any, possibly because of the color, but that means more for me!

Din dins was rainbow chard with figs, garlic, pine nuts and feta. Dried figs and feta are two of my favorite foods, so I was really excited for this one. From looking at the other reviews, I was expecting that it would knock my socks off but it didn't. Maybe it was the chard? I picked this recipe because I though chard was in season now, but no, that's kale. I can't keep it straight. It was pretty good though and I'll try to make it again this summer. I put mine over smart taste pasta.

I am so happy that it's the weekend! I pretty much only had one and a half days of school this week but that was more than enough. I've got ballet tomorrow, so hopefully the mirror-body checking stuff will go alright. Hope you all enjoy your Saturdays!


Jess :) said...

Haha! I love funny acronyms :) Have a wonderful night and I KNOW you can challenge yourself and have those enchiladas!! :) Great foods today! Thanks for the comment as well :) I will have to try those ideas!!
<3 jess :)

Anonymous said...

Cute title!

Mmm, everything looks so delicious. Esp. the oats!

Anonymous said...

Nice title! Haha :) I'd eat your dip!

Hang in there with ballet! Be strong!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

aw haha you are too cute Kiki - i love your title :) <3 fabulous eats, as usual! and that dip does look a little funky but i'm sure it tastes awesome! the ugliest foods are always the best :)

Megan said...

lentil dip, omggggggg! LOVE IT!

i love ballet, don't let the mirror frighten you! dance is all about knowing your body, so just concentrate on the movement and enjoy it :)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I've never tried lentil dip before. The color isn't scary at all! -lol-

Brooke said...

your oats look gorgeous! i love blueberries and carob chips together! and im actually not turned off by the color of your lentil dip - i bet it tastes delicious :)

best of luck with the fear food and ballet! keep believing in yourself! you are so strong love <3 i will be thinking of you!

Maya said...

that dinner looks so incredible.and so does everything else..i love bunnies:) i understand,it can be so frustrated when dads dont understand,i know when i was at a restored weight a few years dad just thought i was better because i wasn't underweight any more..they just dont understand.
love you!

dollymixtures said...

Tigger is awesome ^^

Your dinner looks so yummy. I have to try dry figs, cause I love feta too.

aussirish said...

good luck in balley tomro, remeber hun you ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what the ed says!!
hope the situation with ur dad ends up ok, im sure if you try a bit and say u dont like it you can just have something else?
have a great weekend,
much love

Anonymous said...

Hahaha your TGIF is clever :) see you can think up clever titles! delicioussss food as usual especially breakfast.
I'm really sorry to hear about the enchilada incident still raging on, i can totally understand - but it is ED that's making you be anxious and fret about it all this time. it's one meal, which is stopping you from feeling free for days & days beforehand! i hope that when the actual meal arises you can find a way to give ED a big smack in the face for making you feel so worried all this time. and also discourage him from pestering you if a similar hurdle arises in the future. if you can overcome this it will be a great learning experience in your recovery hun!! good luck with everything :) hope your weekends going well. XXXX

Burp~! said...

omg, is that dip GREEN? I LOVE that! as for your dad...we can't really expect anyone to understand unless they've been through this themselves. heck, I actually don't even understand the way ED makes me think myself! but all the best wishes to you in your continual battle! great eats as usual~