Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heaven in a bowl!

Hello, lovely ladies. I hope you all had terrific Thursdays! Reading over last night's entry, I feel like I came off as an anorexic going "And these people are calling me so skinny but I don't see it because I'm so horribly fat!" That was not my intention at all, so hopefully you all got my point.

I had group therapy today, which I love. It doesn't exactly feel like therapy to me. It's more like me and my high school friends, sitting on comfy couches just chatting and discussing ways to solve our problems. Normal. That's why I like it so much.

For din dins tonight I made Chickpea Peanut Stew. I only used around 1 cup of broth. I used the max amount of peanut butter and subbed spinach for zucchini.
Oh my, it was so amazing! Chickpea and peanut butter are two of my favorite foods, who would have though that they would go so well together? It was wonderfully spiced, it would be really good to cut out the water and serve it as a curry with some rice. Or, use coconut milk instead of broth. Mmmm. I had it with the usual french bread with butter, and to keep the PB theme going, a peanut butter blisscrisp Jamfrakas bar for dessert.
My challenge for group this week is to hang out with my friends over the four day weekend we have coming. I do have friends, I'm just so out of it that I have no idea what I would do with them. Ack. My New Year's resolution was to quit being a cavewoman and socialize more, but it's so difficult for me! Or rather, ED has made it difficult for me. I'm always thinking about whether I picked a fun thing to do, if they're bored with what I'm talking about, if I'm not being funny enough. I used to love doing things with other people, but ED has isolated me so much that I'm scared to.

Finals start tomorrow. Booo. I'm pretty confident that I'll do well, but the idea of two two-hour tests does not excite me all that much. I have US History and English. Grand. Night!


alaina said...

that was one of my new years resolutions too--to socialize more, and rebuild friendships i kind of lost. it's weird how ed takes away your desire to be with people. good luck with finals!

Jess :) said...

Awesome that you are loving group therapy! That's awesome that you feel so comfortable esp :) Yummy foods tonight. I love chickpeas and peanut butter! Them together...mmmm! Good luck with your finals. I am sure they will go great! I had my exams before Christmas break and it feels great to get them over with :) Have a wonderful night!
<3 jess :)

Megan said...

o0o0o, the chickpea peanut combo sounds diviiinnnnee!!

and that jamfraks! i like to look at them lol, i can imagine the taste, and YUM.

good luck with your long weekend! getting some friend time will really help you i think, it works wonders for me. <3

Brooke said...

ah! i love my group therapy too. it is amazing - i always feel so great afterward!

wow your chickpea stew looks delicious! something i would definitely enjoy :)

best of luck with finals! you will do great! and maybe plan something with girls from group? i always find it to be uplifting and fun!

dollymixtures said...

I'm sure you'll be fine hanging out with your friends - the more you go out, the more natural it will become and you'll be laughing and smiling away with them like the old times :)
(that's what i found anyway :D)
xxxx good luck <3

Maya said...

i wish i had a group like sounds so helpful and nice! my email is could you email me some of your weight gain advice? or any tips you have?thank you, love you so much!

Amira said...

that's great that your lovin therapy!
Chickpeas and peanut butter sounds like a combo made in heaven!!your stew sounds soooo good!

nourishing mornings said...

that group sounds great i wish there was one like that near your eats jamfrakas are so yummy i love the pb one the best and that dinner looks so great as well.
thanks for all the advice and support i love you.

aussirish said...

hi hun,
one mf my new years hopes was to socialize more too!!
im so glad your enjoying group so much :)
din dins looks yummy..chickpeas and pb..whod have thought, ur so creative :)
have a great night hun,
love u xxxx

Sharon said...

Hope all goes well with your goal of hanging out and such. That was one of my goals too!

Anonymous said...

chickpeas and peanut butter are two of my favourites aswell. that looks totally scrumptious, i really really want to try it! i might have a go tomorrow if i'm feeling adventurous :) good luck with your exams xxxx

Jemima said...

I don't think you came off like that in your last post at all - and that soup looks DIVINE!
I need to start being more social too - I just can't be BOTHERED.. Well I like going out.. I just hate the cold, the effort.. I'd rather sit at home and read recipes.. Isn't ED sad? I'm 18! Deary me. Anyway, we shall both me more social this year and next year we will be swamped with invites because we're so friendly and outgoing XD hehe - keep going love. I'm proud of you.

VeggieGirl said...

Lovely stew!!

Have TONS of fun with your friends!!