Wednesday, January 21, 2009

La prueba fue facil

Grrrrrrrrrrrr I wish I had noticed the thing about the scheduled blogger outage sooner. I wonder how long this is supposed to last, because it's 7:22 and I want to post soon! Mrph.

The Spanish exam was so easy! I didn't even need to spend so much time studying. I think I only missed one or two multiple choices, and I did really well (I hope) on my written section. We were supposed to say what we bought for a party and I couldn't remember how to say soda! So I put beverages of fruit, but it's okay. My teacher will get it.

Only piccies of dinner tonight, because that was the most exciting meal. I made crockpot lentil and apricot soup.

It was pretty good, but not what I was expecting. I thought that the apricots would make the whole soup sweeter, but they didn't even though I doubled them. So basically, it tasted like lentil soup (but v. good lentil soup) unless you got a bite of apricot. Which was like perfection, the apricots got all mushy and oozing.
I had 2 pieces of TJ's French baguette

And for dessert, Eggnog Panna Cotta from BitterSweet! Second try at using agar flakes. I've had a carton of Holly Nog in the pantry since last year and I need to use it up. So I eliminated about half of with this recipe. And it was a really, really good choice. I didn't have any vanilla, for some strange reason, so I used 1/2 tsp maple extract and you couldn't tell since the eggnog was already spiced. It was sooo light and creamy! I topped it with some blueberries in a feeble attempt to make my dessert look as good as it does on BitterSweet. Mission failed :[

It was a challenge to have dessert, as always, but a little less of one this time. ED always tells me that I'll be overindulging if I have dessert, and I don't deserve that. But guess what? I do deserve to have dessert. I deserve to indulge and live life to the fullest without feeling guilty or "fat" about it, and so do all of you. What we don't deserve is ED! I may have made some mistakes in my life, but that doesn't mean ED should be able to take away the rest of it.

Hope you all had wonderful Wednesdays! Remember, it's all downhill until Friday now!


Sharon said...

You are so strong! Dessert looks fab girl!

And great job with the Spanish test!
By the way, there actually isn't Trader Joe's in Canada. A fellow blogger sent me a lovely package with TJ and WF items! =D

Jess :) said...

Great dinner+desserts!!! Mmmm! Glad to hear about your exam :) You go girl! Have a great night and thanks for the comments!!
<3 jess :)

Anonymous said...

I must make that dessert now!!! It looks amazing to me!

Mel said...

good job fighting ED with that delicious dessert girl! haha and i remember taking spanish in highschool and completely BSing my way through the written portions. i'm sure you did awesome!

Brooke said...

wow! great meals today! the eggnog panna cotta looks beautiful! and keep listening to your strong voice - you deserve dessert every single day! think back to your meal plan for reassurance :)

im glad you exam went well too!

nourishing mornings said...

eggnog panna cotta you are so creative! it looks amazing!
you deserve dessert and dint let ed make you feel guilty you deserve everyhthing you want!

Maya said...

eggnog panna cotta!!!!omg!!iam in love:) i want that now:) looks so good!

aussirish said...

hi hun,
great job with the dessert :) you deserve it!!
great job on the test!
friday tomoro :)
have a great day,
love ya xxxx

Burp~! said...

what are you talking about? that panna cotta still looks GOOD! I love how you always cook something different for dinner...where do you get all your recipes from?

Mel said...

thanks for the comment on the banana bread! i'd say it's no sweeter than your average banana bread, but the cranapple butter adds a lot of sweetness just by itself in the swirls. so if you wanted to cut the sugar, i'm sure you could. let me know how it goes if you make it! :-)