Monday, January 19, 2009

Pasta again?

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas about what I should do with PB puffins! I'll be sure to try them. Lately I've just been eating them straight from the box, and it's actually working pretty well :]

Today I was supposed to go to the mall with my best friend, but it turns out she couldn't go. I have another 4-day weekend coming up, so we'll just hang out then. I was slightly disappointed, but I busied myself my studying. I know my Spanish pretty well, but I hardly made a dent in my 19 page biology review pack! Thank goodness I have off tomorrow too.

Today we got the first real snow of the winter! Yay! It was really pretty, perfect snow. Huge fluffy flakes. We got about 1.5 inches, which is good because no one was predicting snow in the first place.

For brekky, I decided I needed to do something with the brown bananas I had. I made banana bunt bread from Green Lite Bites. I used oil, because I'm skeptical of recipes that use all applesauce, plus I need the calories. I also used dark chocolate chips, big surprise.
It was delish! It wasn't overly sweet, but that's what I was aiming for. Much healthier than regular banana bread, with all whole wheat flour and no refined sugar! Omnom.

For lunch, I made a grilled pesto+homemade hummus+spinach sammich. I also had a vanilla Chob, carrots, and a TJ's Trek Mix bar. I just tried the bars for the first time today, and I love them! Plus they're like $3 cheaper than Kashi. No offense Kashi, I still love you.
For dinner tonight, we made another pasta dish. When we were making the menu for the week we didn't take into account that we'd be having pasta two nights in a row. It's okay though, I like pasta! We made Garlic-Mushroom pasta. Again, I used multigrain pasta.

It was pretty good. We used more pasta than the recipe suggests, so there wasn't enough sauce. Next time I'll switch the proportions of sauce and mushrooms. I also had a piece of TJ's French baguette.
I can't wait for inauguration tomorrow! My plans tomorrow are going to be centered around watching the inauguration and the parade. I really would have liked to go down to DC to see it in person, but there are just going to be too many people! I've heard 4 million? My dad, who works in DC, is planning on staying there overnight because he won't be able to get out because of all the traffic. If you all were off today like I was, I hope you enjoyed the last of your 3-day breaks!

Edited to say: Darn it! I just heard about the PB Jamfrakas/Larabar recall. I just bought a bunch of Jamfrakas! At least I can get a refund...


Anonymous said...

Love the lunch and banana bread! AMAZING!

Sharon said...

Can I come over? I want to taste all the delightful eats! You are just so amazing in that kitchen! Too bad I'm all the way in Canada.

Jess :) said...

Great looking bread!! :D Yummers...have a fun day tomorrow and sorry about getting off chat: I switched to my comp. and it took longer than normal. Have a WONDERFUL night girlie :)
<3 jess :)

Breaking Free said...

Thanks for the supportive comments on my blog. Yoga sounds like a good idea, but the thing is I feel like if I don't do some substantial, moderately intense exercise like walking or running then I won't be burning off enough calories and will get fat. I also hate being idle. I wouldn't say that I overexercise, I just am obsessive about getting in exercise. BTW your banana bread sounds totally dlish! And congrats for having pasta two days in a row!! WOW! I know that I can't do that right now! Keep truckin' girl!

Brooke said...

pesto-hummus-spinach panini sounds so good! yum i love pasta too! once a scary food for me but ever since ive been introduced to whole wheat, flax, rice and sprouted i can enjoy it again! hooray :)

thanks, ill remember to pick up a box of the trek mix bars next time im at tjs!

Anonymous said...

mMm i love mushrooms!

Amira said...

Yum, banana bread looks fantastic, it's just what i feel like right now! how did you know?lol
And i love the sound of that sammie too
In australia the inauguration is being broadcast at 4am tomorrow, i wanna watch it so much i'm thinking of waking up early to catch it

nourishing mornings said...

great banana bread. everything looks great i love your healthy balanced lunch! jamfraka recall!!?what thats crazy...!

aussirish said...

heya girlie,
aw sorry your friend cancelled but at least youve got something to look forward to now for the 4 day weekend :)
that nana bread looks soo yummy...i love anything with bananas in the reciepe!!
have a fantastic night hun,
love u

Burp~! said...

pasta looks gooood! you're always cooking up such great stuff! what kind of sweetener did the banana bread have?

Mel said...

mmm, all your food looks so good, especially that bread!! i've got some bananas that are gonna be going overripe soon, so maybe i'll try to make something along those lines too :-) i heard about the recall, that's so upsetting! I JUST bought a peanut butter cookie larabar, boooooo. have a great day :-)

Anonymous said...

Yummy food.