Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yo no fui, call the US Embassy...

Today my Spanish teacher told us that if we're ever arrested in any South American country over spring break for getting drunk on the beach (right), we should say "Yo no fui, call the US embassy". It means I didn't do it! Sorry for the randomness, but that has been stuck in my head since 10 this morning.

Thank you all for all the support you gave me for my last post. Reading all your comments makes me feel better immediately! I meant to thank all of you personally so if I didn't, sorry, your comment was much appreciated. I'm feeling slightly better today, but still not back to normal yet. Luckily I have group tomorrow so I can hopefully figure out what's bugging me.

Boring, repetitive food today. I wish I could post more pics, but it's so hard to have interesting food when I have no time to prepare it at home. I have a semi-exciting lunch planned for tomorrow's lunch, though.

For dinner tonight, I made this recipe for angel hair pasta in garlic sauce. White pasta is a fear food for me, and I was so not up for a challenge tonight. I struggled through it without enjoying it. I didn't think it was that good either, white pasta just tastes bland to me, and I could barely taste the garlic in the sauce.
On the side, I had a piece of bakery French bread (white bread, white pasta.. blech) and a tangerine.
Later I made a yummy snack. I microwaved half a banana I found in the fridge for 30 secs, then added a vegan marshmallow and some dark chocolate chips. Mmmm.

To make up for lack of pictures today, I took a picture of my kitten Shadow (Okay, so she's seven). I made her a little blanket cave :]
I promise promise promise that I'll have more pictures tomorrow. There's an exciting menu planned!


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha i love the pic of you and your tangerine/clown nose.. adorable!

Sharon said...

Haha, you're so cute with the randomness! And i love the tangerine picture too! You're so silly!

Amira said...

LOL...good advice Ms. Spanish Teacher! Shadow is so adorable, oh and that tangerine looks very good!Love the banana snackky (yum!) sorry you didn't enjoy your dinner, can't wait to see what you've hot planned for tomorrow's lunch. See you then

dollymixtures said...

aw I love your cat! :)
hope group therapy goes well today too.Looking forward to seeing today's eats! I love you sweets <3

Brooke said...

yum your dessert looks fabulous! what brand of marshmallows did you use? and cute picture of you and the clementine cutie! so much cuteness :D

Maya said...

love the marshmallow dessert! and cute cat:) the pasta looks good,too bad you didn't like the taste:( i love angel hair so much.
love you and great job my dear stay strong!

nourishing mornings said...

thanks for all your support and advice you leave me its so helpful everyday. you have such great advice and wisdom.

cute pic of the clementine and you :) and your cat is adorable...

love the dessert such a great idea i want to get some vegan marshmallows and make that dish! your doing so great keep up the great eats and great work my dear i love you and am so proud of you.

aussirish said...

lol ur too cute :)
im so glad to hear ur feeling better !!
your doing awesome girlie, keep it up!
much love xxx

Jemima said...

That pic of you with your tangerine rudolph nose is adorable - and so is your kitten! At least you know now that it's YOU who doesn't like white pasta, not ED, and now you can make an informed personal choice about whether or not you feel like eating it while also knowing that it wont be the end of the world if you do! XD

Dommi said...

AHAHA. The lack of pictures was toootaally made up for with the GREAT title of this post :] I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever find myself drinking on a South American beach :]] You're too funny, girlie. I love you to death!!

Cute pictures, Miss Kiki. Although I cannot understand why you chose to cover your beeauutiful face (you are gorgeous, girly!!) with a tangerine... although I do really like tangerines :]

Can't wait to see your meals tomorrow.


P.S. I'm just curious... are you currently in an outpatient program? I'm just wondering where you receive group therapy. That's something that I think would be really beneficial for me.