Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008!

I hope all of you had a marvelous holiday. Each one of you deserves to have one day where you can be completely free of ED and food thoughts.

My Christmas Eve dinner went pretty well last night. I didn't think of calories while we were actually eating, but the guilt started to kick in a bit later. I just sat with the feeling though, as always. Maybe some day, after I've tried to ignore the ED voice enough times, it will just go away. I didn't manage to get any pics, sorry!

My sister and I woke up around 6 this morning, but managed to contain our excitement until around 8 when we woke our parents up. My mom and dad picked out great presents for us this year, I love them so much! I'll highlight some of them.

Veganomicon! Even though I'm not vegan, but I still can't resist all the creations bloggers who have this book make.

Sweet and Sara Vegan marshmallows. Oh, marshmallows. It's been too, too long! They're a little denser than real marshmallows, but I prefer these.

A Wii! This was actually from "Santa". He totally surprised us this year, because neither me or my sister asked for one. We got sports with it!

And the coolest toe socks on the face of the earth!

Now onto today's food! For breakfast, we made pancakes using the whole wheat gingerbread mix from World Market. They were a perfect start to Christmas!

I topped these two with a bit of butter and maple syrup. Then I decided I wanted a third, just plain. Later I had an apple and string cheese.

We planned on eating around three, so at noon I had a sort of snunch (snack+lunch) involving another apple with cheese and a warmed zbar :]

For dinner, we had:
Smoky mashed potato bake

Sweet potato casserole (my favorite, without marshmallows)

Corn souffle that didn't puff up properly, to my disappointment

Arabian Stuffed Squash casserole, from Moosewood. We did the alternative listed and used cheddar cheese and dried cranberries!

And a pumpkin praline cake roll for dessert!

Yum. I was a bit hungry around 8 tonight, so I had some Christmas oats. They involved half a candy cane, dark chocolate chips, and a caramelized banana.
I managed to have a pretty much ED free day. I went a day without counting! Pretty much the first time in a year and a half! I caught myself adding some stuff up though, it's so second nature to me. I played a lot of Wii sports today so that cut down on a lot of the "you're so lazy" comments from ED. Again, now that I'm just sitting around I'm starting to feel guilty again. But this is Christmas, it's supposed to be a joyous holiday spent with family, so what does it matter if I'm over my calories today? I'll just keep saying it to myself.

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone!


faridah said...

Nice blog and nice pic

Lauren Danger said...



Guitar Hero is awesome too xxx

Burp~! said...

oh my God! you did so great! I wish I'd done half as well as you...your food looks so delicious...especially that mashed potato bake and squash casserole! I wish I had such delicious and healthy options too for my Christmas...
oh and LOVE those socks!!

Maya said...

wonderful wonderful eats! everything looks great. love your presents. 2009 here you come ED better watch out your on your way to kicking him out of your life,your doing so so great!

dollymixtures said...

My brother got a Wii too :)
Your Christmas eats sound awesome!
Get stuck into those marshmallows sweetie, you deserve every last one. I LOVE your toe socks xD I got awesome Hello Kitty pyjamas :]
Love youxxxx

Maya said...

i want that cookbook...great gifts wi looks so cool.
christmasy oats yum!!! chocolate peppermint and banana looks so delicious

nourishing mornings said...

ugh the last comment by Maya was actually written by me sorry i was signed on to her user name by accident ha ha oops...

Jess :) said...

Awesome foods+gifts! I bet we will see a lot of those recipes in the future :) Good to hear you did well with food and stuff on Christmas. You need to enjoy yourself and "let your guard down." Great job; continue keeping those ED thoughts at bay!!! Actually, banish them to the other end of the universe!
<3 jess :)

alaina said...

woo hoo for vegan marshmallows! i don't have the money to order any but i'm thinking about making my own.

Anonymous said...

sweet potato with marshmellow sounds weird! ahaha~

your xmas looks great! (: stay happy!

and i want a wiiiiiii too!!!!