Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dinner and Snackies

Tuesday nights are always a bit weird for me, dinner-wise. I have a cello lesson at 5:3o for an hour, then I have to eat dinner in the car in order to get to my therapy at 7:00. My dinner always looks more like lunch than dinner, but oh well. Before I left the house, I had these yum yums as my afternoon snack:

That would be an oz. of almonds, a YoBaby (good whole milk) and a clementine. My dinner was honey almond sandwich spread (recipe follows) on whole wheat, another clementine, whole wheat Cheddar Bunnies and string cheese.
After I got home, I had some nuts in the shell. I got them out of the shell with a nutcracker, of course! How quaint, hm?

I also had another clementine and a cookie from the advent calendar my mom puts out each year. It's dark chocolate dipped gingerbread! They're both tied as my second favorite food.
That's all for now folks. I'll probably still have some pumpkin pudding with a crumbled whole grain graham cracker before I go to sleep. Yep, I know I eat a lot before I go to bed. It's been a successful day with food, I'm really pleased with myself.


Jemima said...

congrats with your foods - your diet looks healthy and nourishing as well as delicious :) i love cracking nuts with a nutcracker - so christmassy!!!
have another kick-ass ED-free day tomorrow <3 xxxx

aussirish said...

heya :)
its lauren (aussiegal) from cc :)i decided to start one of these food blogs too. ur food looks awesome...so yummy and healthy at the same time :)xxxx

nourishing mornings said...

hey kiki. i love your blog and i can relate to you a lot. i also want to be a dietitian and as you know im in recovery from anorexia as well. love the almond spread looks delicious! your eats are so healthy and inspirational! keep up the great work, i can tell you are doing amazingly and certainly on your way to recovery!