Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Orchestra Eats

I had my concert for school orchestra that we've been preparing for for months tonight! It went really well. There were no obvious mistakes, and I managed to play my solo without messing up too!

But backtracking to today's lunch, I just packed a simple one. I had baby carrots, a Brown Cow cream top yogurt (vanilla on the bottom!) a Kashi TLC bar, and a peanut butter sammich. But this was no ordinary PB sammich. For, I used:

Chocolate banana peanut butter! I got this at a food show I went to a while ago, and it's divine. I'm trying to make it last though, because it was 8 bucks! I came home and had a boring snack, then ate some peanut butter (ordinary) on whole grain crackers as a mini dinner before I left for my concert. It was 8:30 by the time I got home, and I was too starved to cook anything. PB crackers didn't hold me over. So I had this lurveley soup I got from Whole Foods. It was the same idea as cup noodles, but much healthier and yummier.

I put it in a bowl and had it with a clementine and string cheesey. Yum! I don't know what I'll have for snackerage later tonight.


Sharon said...

Hahaha, what a cute smile made with the clementines! And delicious eats overall.

Enjoy your evening!

Sophia Lee said...

wow, that PB looks good! where did you get it?

nourishing mornings said...

that pb looks amazing. i love those brown cow yogurts!...yum
and that soup brand is great ive had it once before and really enjoyed it.

Maya said...

im in love with that pb it looks heavenly. great balanced lunch you have packed for yourself, and those soups are so good i love them.

aussirish said...

mmm that pb looks sooo yummy. im so jealous of the diff flavour pb u guyus get in the us, we only have the original pb here.
glad the concert went well :)