Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disapointment.. then yummy dinner

The disappointment is in reference to the Christmas tree selection here. I live in a really cramped, congested part of the country and most of the good trees got picked over years ago. The lot we went to today had really crummy trees, they were either way to tall and bare, or too short and dumpy. We settled on a short one, and it's barely taller than me! I'll post pics once we decorate it tomorrow. My dad says this is the last year we'll be able to actually chop down our own tree. Next year we'll have to either get a pre-cut one or an artificial tree *shudders*.

But on the bright side, I made one of my favorites for dinner tonight. Peanut Butter Noodles! I like to use peanut butter at every chance I get. I added in some snow peas and carrots and had it with string cheese for a balance meal!

I was too lazy to take a picture of anything I ate after dinner, sorry! Arg, school tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank for the post! :)
Your dinner looks delicious, anything with peanut butter and I'm all over it. Your profile says you are 14? In many ways I am envious of you....recovery (I feel) would be a whole lot different if I was living at home with my parents still (I'm 23), where someone was there to force me to eat, and force me to eat different unsafe foods. When I am alone (if my fiancee is at work) its so easy to be swayed by ED and eating what I feel comfortable eating. You are fortunate in that respect :)
Keep your head up!

Sophia Lee said...

haha, one common food that all recovering anorexics love seems to be PB! oh and oatmeal!
Have you tried peanut butter rice? peanut soup? oh you'd love the peanut pancakes they have here in Singapore...

Lauren Danger said...


But this recipe with the PB Noodles is next on my list
THanks sweets!

Lauren Danger said...

Oh, PS.
We went to pick our own tree this year and they were all 'tagged'! So we went searching everywhere and had to settle for an 'alright' one. As long as the smell is there.. i get angry at the fake trees.

nourishing mornings said...

your dinner looks great i love peanut noodles so much but haven't ate them in forever. maybe i'll come up with a recipe soon.

Maya said...

i would love peanut noodles,haven't had the courage to eat something like that, but maybe ill make it:) great job! and yumm

aussirish said...

heya hun
thanks so much 4 the award and uve recived an award on my blog too!!
mmm the noodles look soo good. uve got so many yummy reciepes.
aw im sure ur tree will be super cute :) a baby xmas tree. hope ur mondays going well xxxxx

Maya said...

its Bigalow brand of tea:)