Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful: Edited

.. but it's not snowing!! Nope, we've been stuck with freezing rain. The worst possible weather. I was freezing after walking home from school in the rain, but it was nothing a good cup of chai couldn't solve!

Attune bar review- I liked this a lot! Dark chocolate is one of my most favoritey favorite foods, so I don't go for crappy dark chocolate. It's very rich and creamy, and it's got a real depth of flavor due to the 63% cacoa content. Plus it has fabulous nutrition and probiotics! Highly recommended.

Banana Manna Weil bar- Super yummy as well! They banana flavor is very subtle, not fake tasting like other bars. There was quite a strong date taste though, so if you don't like them avoid this bar. I prefer "pure" fruit and nut-ish bars to fortified ones, so I'll be buying this again.

I started the day out with an egg, a green apple, and a bowlful of goodness:

1 cup of whole milk yogurt and some Kashi Honey Sunshine. I'm not a cold cereal person, I hate eating it with milk, so I hardly ever buy it. I got this this weekend though, and it is now my new favorite cereal! It's not overly sweet like regular kids cereals, but it's not bland either. And I love the cute pillow shapes! I also had another bowlful of goodness, aka pumpkin oats.

Edit: For dinner, I made Cheddar Apple Bacon Frittata (without the bacon for me!!) from Kath Eats. This was super yummy! I love getting little bites of sweet inside a savory dish. And my sister liked it, which is rare. Ignore the yucky bacon in the picture.

I had it with two pieces of wheat baguette with a little butter and a clementine. For snackerage tonight, so far I've had a caramelized banana with melted dark choco chips. Pure heaven. I always have to eat a lot at night, so there will be more that I'm not posting. It's supposed to snow tomorrow morning, so I'm crossing my fingers for a two hour delay!


Sharon said...

Ah snow.. :S
Caramelized banana? I can't say I've tried that before. It sounds really tasty.

And thanks for doing the reviews on those bars. Not a date fan, so that was good to know about that bar! :)

dollymixtures said...

I know you feel on the weather -it's like that here too:( I love chai tea too haha!
The bacon frittata looks yummy (without the bacon xD) and caramalized banana sounds so good, how dyou make it?

nourishing mornings said...

that frittata looks so good i lvoe cheddar and apple together. you eat so many great foods and great healthy varieties.

Maya said...

that frittata looks so good. caramelized banana with chocolate..yum! your a lucky girl to eat such yummy stuff:)

Sophia Lee said...

yum, your eggs look scrumptious!
how do you caramelize your banana? I wish I had a blowtorch sometimes...

aussirish said...

heya hun,
i know im a creature of habit when it comes to my lunch an breakfast, i do have differnt things everynow and again bt i never really enjoy them as much for some reason.
mmm yummy caramilised do u make that? i love bananas and was tryin to think of new ideas with them last night.
the weather here sucks too :( lotsa rain and soo cold. at least when u get home u get to feel al warm n cosy.
hope ur fridays a good one :)