Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm really awful at coming up with clever post titles.

And grr! I somehow deleted all of my pictures from breakfast and lunch! They were quite photogenic, too. But yesterday at Target, I found the cutest bowls ever! I made a bowl of pumpkin yogurt (pic was mysteriously deleted too) and look what was waiting for me at the bottom of the bowl:

I have another cute bowl that I'll reveal tomorrow morning. I do love Target.

I also had some fruit and tried the peanut butter blisscrisp Jamfrakas. It was really nummy! I liked the crunchy rice puffs. There was a lot of honey flavor, but I didn't mind. I forgot about the pic until halfway through eating it, sorry!
For dinner, we supposed to have plain ole' spaghetti. The rest of my family was having meat sauce on theirs, but I wanted to be different. So I made a stir fry. I used Ronzoni smart taste pasta (I know that it's cheater whole wheat stuff, but it's the only thing my family will eat..), frozen snap peas and carrots, orange juice, and some garlic chili pepper sauce. I cooked the veggies in about a tbs. EVOO, then added the cooked pasta, hot sauce and OJ until it was moist. Very spicy, but really good!

I had a string cheese too for protein. Then this cutie:
Christmas lion, anyone? I really don't know why this cookie cutter always ends up with our Christmas cutter stash!

I'm going to go play Wii now, goodnight everyone.


Sharon said...

Have a splendid time playing the wii! And I love your new bowl, so adorable. Christmas lion? AWESOME!!

Jemima said...

Aww love the bowl! Everyone has cute bowls except me (... so nearly wrote 'bowels' then! oops!) When I get back to London I'm going to buy a cute bowl for my cereal. So mwahahaha.
Love the lion cookie too. He's like Aslan, a winter lion. (You've read Narnia, right?!)

Anonymous said...

Nice bowls! So cute. I wish I had nice bowls. >_<

What an adorable cookie too! Very creative cookies you have there.

And Jem...I lol-ed at your almost 'bowel' mistake. Hehehehehhhhh...

Burp~! said...

*shrieks of laughter* I LOVE your bowl! do you know I've been persuing around every shop looking for the perfect bowl for my oatmeal and I STILL couldn't find one? But your bowl is so freaking cute!
and so is your lion cookie...aaawww did you make it yourself?
oh, and did you just make up your own pasta recipe or did you follow some recipe from a cookbook?

Jess :) said...

Love the bowl! I need to get me some cute bowls :) The wii sounds like so much fun! Have a great night and I also love the cookie!
<3 jess :)

Megan said...

I am so jealous of these Jam Frakas bars! you know i looooove bars, and I've NEVER seen then before. And I tried ordering them online and I can't find them!! grr.

i love getting to the bottom of a bowl and seeing something cute :)

Lauren Danger said...

I wish i knew how i could message you without it being so public. But i won't go as in depth as i could:P

THank you for your comment, it really did mean a helluva lot. I just can't help but think that if we don't get out of this whirlwind pattern of proportions and (for example, mum and dad had salmon/boiled potatoes/asparagus.. and i had salmon/brocolli/half a sweet potato and 5 sugar snap peas...i've NEVER liked sugar snap peas). It's like Anorexia literally "FEEDS" off these images from these blogs. And i just feel like Anorexia as a WHOLE stays alive, no matter how recovered we feel if we continue to follow such patterns.

I can tell through your connection with nutrition that you also genuinely give a shit about HEALTH and well being. I do too, i won't ever be able to forget it really would i? However, i want to be able to go out and get sloshed and not think 'but i've already hit my daily target today' and just be a 21 year old lady.

Thank you again sweetheart.
I promise, this shit can die. We just gotta be so strong.


nourishing mornings said...

love the bowl so cute! yum pasta looks great and i love the pb jamfrakas i want to try the chocolate one too i bought it at TJ the other day.

Maya said...

cute bowl:) pasta looks good too

Burp~! said...

wow, you just threw the ingredients together? haha, sounds fun and clever...I have a chicken breast that I'm going to prepare the same way...just throw ingredients together and pray that it turns out alright!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha aw i love your bowl! That must be a pleasant surprise to see that little guy peekin' up at your when you finish your food :)!

Anonymous said...

aw thanks for the comment!!! glad ur recovery is going well..i wish i could say the same :( but all good things happen over time so we will see. have a great day sweetie