Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry Sorry Sorry!!

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I was just busy with Christmas decoration and baking and such. I woke up half an hour earlier this morning, so I have some time to post what I ate yesterday before school.

For breakfast, among other things, I had dark chocolate banana oats. I put a big pile of chocolate at the bottom of my bowl so that every so often my spoon would touch the chocolate and my oatmeal would explode into a volcano of chocolately goodness.

Then my mom and I made some sugar cookie dough. I had a beater!

For lunch, we went to the mall to finish the LAST of the last of our Christmas shopping. For rizzle this time. I got a veggie delite from subway with provolone and olive oil. Then when I got home, I had a TLC bar an apple, and some almonds (no pics, sorry). But look what I got from the Godiva store free for making a $25 purchase!

Then I went off to my best friend's house to work on an English project. T'is a very lame assignment, we had to make a collage to show the theme of To Kill a Mockingbird (why is there no underline on blogger?). It's one of my favorite books, but all these projects are starting to ruin it for me. Anyhow, after a while, we took a "study break" to make some chocolate chip muffins. I was flipping out about white flour but I calmed down after my friends both had seconds. Again, no pics :[

When I got home, we rolled out the cookie dough that we made earlier and cut out Christmas shapes. Then I made dinner, which was corn and potato chowder. Mmmmm. Chowder.
Then I did some homework. Then we frosted the sugar cookies and made another batch of toffee. This is like half the amount we really made.
And last, I made Gingerbread Caramel Corn! It was sooooo so so so good!
ED stayed out of my head for most of the day. I ate all the baked stuff I wanted with no problem, pretty much. But then at night, ED started to slip in. She said "You're so weak! How could you put all that junk in your body? You don't need it anyway, you're fat." I did all my "workout moves" that I did every night at my worst, in a feeble attempt to burn some cals. And I skipped my last snack because ED told me that I had already had like triple that amount of cals from sweets already. Being able to eat what I want with no worry was nice while it lasted.

Now I have to get ready for school. This is the last Monday before break, I can do this.


nourishing mornings said...

that gingerbread spice popcorn looks amazing! love all your eats. great job eating all the sweets and fighting you ed you are doing great and dont let your ed drag you down, you deserve to enjoy sweets and the holiday season.

Maya said...

you deserve sweets! i wish i could allow myself chocolate and cookies like you,i look up to you! you are an inspiration.

Sophia Lee said...

ack, you let ED turn around and bite you in the ass! it's tough to just eat and FORGET, isn't it? I had the same problem today, I ate more than usual, actually finished a whole BIG bowl of wontons, even had some deep-fried crullers mixed with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts, which I should have been PROUD of but ended up feeling so guilty and wretched...
AAAH!! the fact is since it's already in our stomach, why can't we just accept that and be HAPPY about it instead of giving ourselves useless grief?
Let's fight this out even tougher! We need to kick ED to the curb!

Jess :) said...

Sorry the ED voice got a hold of you. Don't let it do that to you! YOU are in charge of IT; not IT is in charge of YOU! Eat what you want and stop when you are full. You can do it :) And like everyone else has said, you deserve sweets! I too have been eating an amount of sweet that is not usual for me. But you know what, we NEED it. Okay? I didn't let myself have ANY sweets, cookies, etc last Christmas and being able to actually enjoy and eat them this year is an AMAZING feeling. Sweets can be part of a balanced diet, that's why they are in the food pyramid ;) :D

xxx Jessica

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

gingerbread popcorn?! amazing!

i'm sorry you had a rough night with ED - don't you hate how he can undo a perfectly "normal" and wonderful day of eating?! I know it's hard but today's a new day! just try to stay strong and positive!

woooo last monday at school for 2008 =)! congrats girlie <3!

Brooke said...

wow the gingerbread carmel corn looks scrumptious! you've inspired me to make this over break!

well done with the getting through the day with pain in the butt ed. just keep enjoying these sweets and fun holiday foods because the season is so short! you deserve to have fun! because a month or two from now, it won't matter but ed will always remember if you let him don't win. dont let him win girly! :) be strong!

Sharon said...

Delicious, delicious, delicious! That is awesome with the goodies, I want them all!!! :D