Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunny Monday

Well, there's an oxymoron, I guess. Sunny and monday? Anyhow, school was a drag and I was really glad to get home and do some baking! I made pumpkin muffins (I'll post the recipe tomorrow, I'm too lazy to put it up now) and added dark chocolate chips and dried figs! I had one for a snack and they were divine, if I do say so myself :]

For dinner, we were supposed to have baked acorn squash. But all the acorns at the supermarket were super huge, like the size of my head! So we bought this kind called buttercup, and they were really good! They were almost as sweet as sweet potatoes. To bake them, I just added a little butter and brown sugar. Mmmm. Had it with a Quorn cutlet brush with olive oil.
And I actually had dessert with dinner tonight, which is A Big Deal for me. I never feel like I'm deserving of a main meal alone, and I especially don't feel like I deserve to treat myself after dinner. But tonight, I made an exception for this
It's a vianetta ice cream cake. It's a once of year thing around here, and I needed to challenge myself. I'm feeling rather guilty now, I did do some crunches. I haven't let myself restrict though, because I keep repeating to myself that this is normal, healthy thing for a 14 year old to do. I shouldn't have to worry about letting myself have dessert for once, none of us should. Good night!


Sharon said...

Baking afterschool sounds fun! And oh wow, that dessert looks scrumptious! I think it was a perfect way to finish off!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

ah make sure to post that recipe for your muffins! i just bought a can of pumpkin and have been looking for ways to use it up!

that dessert looks great and it was a delicious way to end a nice, healthy, day of eating =) congrats and stay strong!

Brooke said...

figs are delicious paired with pumpkin! i look forward to the recipe. and i love baked buttercup squash!

just remember that dessert is 100% okay! i eat dessert everyday! you deserve to live and enjoy the simple pleasures :)

nourishing mornings said...

figs and chocolate pumpkin muffins yum!
that dessert looks delicious and so decedent!

Maya said...

great job with the dessert your doing so well. and that muffin sounds amazing i love figs!

aussirish said...

heya hun,
mmm as usual ur foodies looks so good!! and i love the desert, we have that here too, it reminds me of when i was younger.
its great u treated urself :) i think its good to be able to eat on ur own cause it shows ur not jus eating for others which is a great step in reocvery, its for us :)