Monday, April 6, 2009

Two types of Greek yogurt!

Hello, blogland. Thanks again for all your reassuring comments. I’m overall feeling much better today than I have been for the past few days. I want to gradually up my cals to 2300 or 2400 again, since that’s about what I was maintaining on before. I’m hoping that I haven’t ruined my metabolism already! I think I’ll add 100 cals every other day, maybe?

I had quite a relaxing day. It started raining so I pretty much just stayed inside in my Scotty-dog jammies until my mom came home! I also enjoyed watching college boys play basketball outside my window, hehe. At one point I started to feel really anxious because the rain ruined my plans to go out for a walk and burn cals. I started pacing until I realized how irrational I was being and ate a snack. That calmed me down quite a bit! One day of missed exercise is not going to matter, in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t it ironic how the thing ED wants us to avoid the most is usually what makes us realize how backward his logic is?

Yesterday we went to a crafts fair. All the jewelry and clothes were too overpriced so we got food-related stuff, of course. I got a HUGE ceramic bowl, I can’t wait to eat something out of it. We also got the best pure maple syrup in the world. I forget why it’s so special, but it tastes buttery. Mmm. My mom got peach crumble bread that I don’t want to eat because it has trans fats.

pics 003

For breakfast this morning, I had super apple oatbran! Which is oatbran cooked in “sweet apple chamomile” tea topped with applesauce, apple butter, and a crumbled graham 009

Lunch time rolled around and I wanted a sandwich! We got wholly guacamole yesterday with a coupon. Wow, where has it been all my life? Soo yummy. Esp. on a grilled sammich with refried black beans. I also had cauliflower, a corn muffin (scroll) and OIKOS!pics 012

I tried the plain kind today, topped with strawberries, honey, and honey nut cheerios. I tried a plain bite and it was delicious. It’s very thick and creamy. I love plain greek yogurt and eat it quite a bit, so this didn’t seem as “tangy” to me as some of you have been saying it is. It was definitely tangier than Chobani. I still have a vanilla Oikos to sample, but so far, Oikos is beating Chobani for me. Thanks for the coupons, Kristina!

Snack needs no explanation.

pics 017

First, I will share last night’s dinner because it was so delicious! I made healthy corn muffins. I accidentally used an extra 1/3 c. liquid and it resulted in the fluffiest, moistest, best corn muffins ever. I also had TJ’s baked beans, and spinach chips. Perfect 007

Tonight’s dinner was equally delicious. We made spinach-parmesan pie. This was sort of like an upside down quiche, with a greek twist. There was a nice nutmeg-y crust on top with yummy cheese and spinach on the bottom. Had it with kale chips and the last of the corn muffins.

pics 020

So far for my night snack, which is my first increase, I’ve had Cyclops Greek-style frozen yogurt, banana flavor. I got this at WF because I saw it was being discontinued. It’s so much better than regular frozen! It’s very soft like soft-serve, and it’s tangy like Greek yogurt should be. The banana flavor isn’t artificial, and there are actual chunks of real fruit. Why don’t I ever notice these delish things until they’re about to be discontinued?

pics 001

That’s all for now, loves! Sorry about the weird layout of this post, but I’m experimenting withWindows Live Writer and haven’t quite figured it out yet. Bear with me! Night.

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Jemima said...

Kiki I'm so proud of you for pulling yourself back up again after feeling so low. I really do know how hard it is. If it helps, I'm doing it with you, with only a bit of water (just a big puddle, really) between us. <3 Love you girly. Keep strong xxx

Sharon said...

You're doing great! Totally love your delicious eats. And oh, I love the new background!

Laci said...

I have been wondering if you are well for a couple days- Ok, maybe 2- but I am so glad you are back on track and ready to live again, congrats for picking yourself up! :-)
I am so inspired by you with your ED- about the walking/rain/exersieze, about the boosting your energy intake back up to around 2200 because your body naturally burns that much daily... I hope you know how much you inspire me and even when I read the comments you leave for others I am so encouraged! :-D
Love the new background- I must experiment soon with that site "cutest blog on the block" as well... hang in there, I am here for yo!
-L ;-)

Stef said...

I'm glad you had a better day today. Hooray for your corn muffin mistake turning into the best thing ever! Awesome when things work out that way :) I doubt you've "ruined" your may take a little bit of time for your body to adjust and realize you're treating it well but as long as you stick to your recovery goals I'm sure you'll be just fine! I often worry the same thing but my dietitian ALWAYS says NOBODY's metabolism is beyond repair. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Easier said than done, I know! But I know you were just feeling down from some stressful (but temporary) things, so you'll be ok! <3

Tiny Tina. said...

Well done darling! No way have you damaged your it was already said, it might take a tiny amount of time for your body to adjust again, but it'll soon get used to maintaining on 2300-2400. Good job on the increase too! That frozen yogurt looks delish and fruity and all those good things!
And again...I really cannot thank you enough for your help with my own increase..your support is amazing. =)
Lots and lots of love xoxox

K from ksgoodeats said...

You eat some of the most delicious foods I have seen on the blogs! CC!! Isn't it addicting?! I'm currently eating that exact combo (well, sort of!) :)

Keep on pushing, girl! You are fabulous and deserve to live a happy and healthy life!

emily. said...

Kiki, you go giiirl! No matter what ED tries to make you do, you always overcome it. Congrats on being so strong. <333

The Oikos sounds amazing. Too bad I haven't used my coupons yet!

I started using Windows Live Writer a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It's so much easier than the traditional posting way.

Have a nice night. <3

Tori said...

Hey Kiki, I just wanted to say how glad I am to hear you are pulling yourself up again. I know I've been there before too, and it takes a lot of courage and strength. You are doing the right thing though, you are taking care of you, and that is what's important.
BTW - I liked the Oikos more than Chobani too. The only thing that pulls Chobani into a lead is the fact that it's nearly $2 cheaper.

Keep staying strong - you are doing amazing things right now. And you are succeeding in every way, even when it doesn't feel like it. Just getting up each morning and getting through each day is in accomplishment you know.

Meg said...

I'm so happy for you that you were able to get back on your feet. I know it took a lot out of you to do this, and I give mucho kudos to you. You are simply amazing, and deserve to live a delightful life filled with happiness and not ED.

Your dinner looks amazing and the muffin sounds delectable - I love it when muffins are extra moist and squishy!

Have a great evening! Love, Meg

emily. said...

I had to do a little investigating to find out how to change the pic sizes, etc, but here's how I do my pictures on WLW:

On the right hand side, where it says "Insert" and then lists all the stuff, click "Picture..." and choose one. Once the picture is added, the right hand side will change and have different tools that help change your picture.

In the "Picture" tab, I set the Text wrapping to "Center" and the Borders to "Rounded Corners."
In the "Advanced" tab, I set my pictures to either w: 320 & h: 240 or w: 240 & h: 320, depending on the orientation of the picture. (I mean like, is the picture bigger horizontally or vertically? If it's bigger horizontally, I do 320 by 240 and vice versa.)

Let me know if you need anymore help or if any of that is confusing. :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

:D Glad you got your free greek yogu too!

Have a nice night.


Mel said...

YAYY!!! so happy you're feeling better today girl! your usual chipper personality is totally shining through in this post, hooray!! I am perpetually jealous of your mad cooking skills-- that parmesan pie looks awesome! i'm a huge fan of nutmeg in savory dishes, yummm. and that froyo sounds delish, too bad it's being discontinued boooo! Have a great night babe! <3

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those college boys playing basketball ;)

Lovely eats.. I will be making that spinach-parmesan pie in the future!

You are so strong.. keep it up lovely <3

Laura: Learning to Love said...

It's so good to see someone else who maintains at a high calorie number!! Keep up the good progress girl..the food looks AMAZING and corn muffins are my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine! I don't think cutting calories for the amount of time you did this time will have ruined your metabolism at all. That said, if slowly increasing it what works for you, then stick at it.

You have a wise and mature head on your shoulders ~ you are more self-aware and proactive than many people I know eight years older than you are. Keep going and never lose that fabulous strength and resolve : )



nourishing mornings said...

great job kiki pulling yourself back up to where you should be! you are incredible.
love all your eats,
hang in there girly
love you

Lexi said...

Great job with the increase, I am SO proud of you. Lovely eats today, I love baked beans!!!

You're doing amazing, Kiki, keep it up!!! I am always here for you if you need anything!


Anonymous said...

I love the apple oats! I have never tried apple butter in mine, I must be crazy! haha

Now I want cornbread!!!

I'm so happy that you are increasing your calories again, love it girl!!!

aussirish said...

hey hun
way to go on upping the cals :) im super proud of you! and you had lotsa great eats :)
i know youve been having a hard time lately but its so inspiring to see you pull yourself back up and fight ed, your a strong chica :)
love you lots

Anonymous said...

I've only ever tried Fage brand, but would like to try the others.
Great job deciding to up your intake! you're doing what's best for you and that's great! but I think you don't even need to up slowly as you've been maintaining on that amount before. if you just shoot up to that amount, I'll bet your metabolism will get a mega-boost too.
btw, WHAT amazing eats today! I totally love ALL you ate...especially that corn muffin (my fav type of muffin) and that spinach-parm pie! thanks so much for the links to the recipe, I'm definitely saving them in my recipe files!
keep strong, kiki, and keep those fabby recipes coming~!

Baylee♥ said...

Ed has a wierd way of being sneaky..and I HATE IT!!!

love the eats and your layout is super cute!

Anonymous said...

aww i am SO proud of you for upping your calories :) your kicking ED's butt! your such a strong girl!

love your breakfast girlie - it rocks my socks!

Lauryn said...

KIKI you're doing so great, you should be so so proud of your decision, and know we're here for you 100%! xoxo

Neela Marijana said...

hey kiki,
i have been seeing your blog for quite some time now and decided to leave my first comment today. well done for taking care of yourself again. i now the ED is always there trying to persuade us that we cant be good to us. but its good to see your pulling yourself up again. i have had some rough time as well lately but today i am also much more confident. stay strong and keep fighting. your life is so precious.
lots of care